Title VI Native Education

Native Education Parent Committee Meetings

Meetings are held virtually and are always open to the public. The involvement of parents, students, and community leaders is encouraged.  Public comment sessions will be held during the Committee’s meeting.


Upcoming Meetings

May 10, 2023 at 5:30 pm

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Native Education Parent Committee

The Native Education Parent Committee follows the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Indian Education. The committee is responsible for:

  • Approving the Annual Title VI Grant Application
  • Advising the District and School Leaders on the cultural needs of Native students
  • Monitoring the Native Education program on behalf of the native communities of Kodiak
Committee Member Role Term
Yvonne Mullan Parent (506)/Secretary Sept. 2021 – Sept. 2023
Jennifer Simeonoff Parent (506)/Member Sept. 2022 – Sept.2024
Shelly Peterson
Parent (506)/Member Sept. 2022 – Sept. 2024
Mary Jane Kutyna Parent (506)/Member Jan. 2023 – Jan. 2024
Mary Ash Student Rep Non-Expiring
Erica Blondin Teacher Rep Non-Expiring
Jessica Skonberg
Teacher Rep Non-Expiring
Rosa Skonberg Parent Jan. 2023 – Jan. 2025
Melissa Magnussen
Parent  Jan. 2023 – Jan. 2025
Michelle Johnson
Parent Jan. 2023 – Jan. 2024
Ray May Parent Jan. 2023 – Jan. 2025
Flora Alpiak Parent Jan. 2023 – Jan. 2024
Dave Johnson Board of Education Representative (Alternate: Katie Oliver)
Gabe Azuyak
ASB Representative 

Tribal Representatives
Alutiiq Tribe of Old Harbor 
Annie May Lewis, Tribal Administrator 
Kaguyak Village
Stephanie Brenteson
Native Village of Afognak 
JJ Orloff, Tribal Administrator 
Native Village of Akhiok Jeanetta Rastopsoff, Tribal Administrator 
Native Village of Karluk; Karluk IRA Tribal Council 
Alicia Andrew, Tribal Chief  
Native Village of Larsen Bay 
Marilyn Henson, Tribal Administrator
Native Village of Ouzinkie 
Kerry Ivory, Tribal Administrator 
Native Village of Port Lions 
 Denise May
Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak 
JJ Marsh, CEO
Tangirnaq Native Village (Woody Island Tribe) Gwen Sargent, Vice President
Tangirnaq Native Village (Woody Island Tribe) Shelly Peterson, Tribal Administrator 

Members of the Committee include:

  • Greater than 50% Parents of program eligible students, elected in a general election
  • At least one teacher, appointed by the committee
  • A representative from the School Board

Parents of eligible Native students who are interested in serving on the Committee should contact a Committee member or staff. You can contact the Committee Chair at erica.blondin@kibsd.org or 907-305-0865.

The Alaska Native and Rural Education Plan document contains visual components that may be difficult for screen readers.  If you need further assistance please contact Peggy Azuyak.

What is Title VI Native Education?

A brief explanation of the Indian/Native Education Act:
The 1972 Indian Education Act was the landmark legislation establishing a comprehensive approach to meeting the unique needs of American Indian and Alaska Native students. The unique aspects of the original authority have been retained through subsequent legislative reauthorizing statutes, with the latest revision occurring with the amendments made by the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), which reauthorized the program as Title VI Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. The Indian Education legislation is unique in the following ways:

  • It recognizes that American Indians have unique, educational and culturally related academic needs and distinct language and cultural needs;
  • It is the only comprehensive Federal Indian Education legislation, that deals with American Indian education from pre-school to graduate-level education and reflects the diversity of government involvement in Indian education;
  • It focuses national attention on the educational needs of American Indian learners, reaffirming the Federal government’s special responsibility related to the education of American Indians and Alaska Natives; and
  • It provides services to American Indians and Alaska Natives that are not provided by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Read more about the history of the Indian/Native Education Act 

Are you, your child, or his/her grandparent an Alaska Native or American Indian?

An Alaska Native or American Indian is defined as:

  • A member (as defined by the Indian tribe or band) of an Indian tribe or band, including those Indian tribe or bands, terminated since 1940, and those recognized by the state in which the tribe or band reside; or 
  • a descendant in the first or second degree (parent or grandparent) as described in (1); or
    considered by the Secretary of the Interior to be an Indian for any purpose; or
  • an Eskimo or Aleut or other Alaska Native; or
  • a member of an organized Indian group that received a grant under the Indian Education Act of 1988 as it was in effect October 19, 1994

If so, your child may be able to enroll in the Title VI Native Education Program. Enrollment will increase opportunities available for your Native student. The program’s goal is to help Native students meet and exceed state academic and cultural standards.

Program opportunities may include:

  • Cultural enrichment
  • Academic support
  • Tutoring
  • Service referrals
  • Secondary student mentoring 

Title VI Student Eligibility Certificate – 506 Form
The Federal Programs Office must have an original 506 Form on file for all students enrolled in the program. Once enrolled, the student will remain eligible for as long as they attend a KIBSD school.  Hard copies of the form can be picked up at the Federal Programs Office located in the District-wide Services wing of Kodiak High School. 

Alaska Native and Rural Education Plan (The Alaska Native and Rural Education Plan document contains visual components that may be difficult for screen readers.  If you need further assistance please contact Peggy Azuyak.)


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