Special Education Services

The Kodiak Island Borough School District Special Educational Services provide comprehensive educational services to children ages 3 to 21 in our rural and town schools, as well as for children who are privately or home schooled. These services are offered to children with additional needs in which a general education program cannot meet. The school district follows the state regulations found within the adopted Special Education Handbook, which was developed by the Alaskan State Department of Education and Early Development.

Qualifying children in the special education program is done through a cooperative group of individuals; including parents and guardians, school psychologist, special education teachers, general education teachers, related service providers, principal, and any professionals that may be required to meet the child’s specific needs. These diligent groups of individuals establish an effective Individual Education Program (IEP). In addition to creating the IEP, the group monitors the child’s success and any continued needs for adjustments to the IEP. The special service groups strive to provide an appropriate program, in a familiar setting as close to the child’s general education classroom program as possible in every effort to help each child succeed. The range of students, from gifted and talented (GT) to those with disabilities, requires various resources and a different educational plan to challenge and achieve educationally.

The Student Special Education Services department is responsible for overseeing each of the special education programs district-wide. Additionally, the department ensures compliance with federal and state laws which govern special education. Student Special Education Services staff oversee Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. The department’s teachers, specialists, and paraprofessionals work throughout the district. There are presently upwards of 100 district employees meeting the needs of our special education students.

Many resources are available to community members and parents regarding how students may be assisted in accessing the general education curriculum through special education programs or Section 504. Some valuable resources are listed below

State of Alaska Special Education Website 

Parental Rights for Special Education

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act 

Americans with Disabilities Act 

Alaska Special Education Parent Handbook by Stone Soup Group 

The Alaska Family Directory website is funded by a grant from the Alaska Department of Education, which is maintained by the Anchorage School District. This resource includes event calendars of educational opportunities for parents, educators, and community organizations, which provide assistance to families of children with special needs in specific regions of Alaska.

If you know a child who may qualify for special education services or have questions about the services your child is currently receiving, contact Cristina Bieber at 907-486-7574 or send an email.

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