Kindergarten Early Entrance Procedure

EducationWhat are the kindergarten age requirements to enter?

Your child must be 5 years old on or before September 1st of the year they are entering kindergarten. Exceptions include:

  • Kindergarten and 1st-grade students entering from another public school may be accepted if enrolled in the former school in accordance with the laws and regulations of that state.
  • A child under school age for kindergarten may be admitted by KIBSD upon written recommendation by the home school psychologist and principal. The recommendation should be based on appropriate assessment and evaluation of the child’s readiness to attend school.
  • Only children with September birthdays will be assessed by KIBSD Special Services for early entry to kindergarten.


Is my child ready to attend kindergarten?

A child is generally ready to participate in a kindergarten program when the child is able to:

  • Associate comfortably with other children of the same age;
  • Use the bathroom independently;
  • Express an interest in learning;
  • Begin to secure early learning skills such as knowing colors, naming alphabet letters, recognizing their printed name;
  • Follow directions and take turns;
  • Manage clothing needs such as boots, coats, zippers, etc.;
  • Listen to a story or work on an activity for 10-15 minutes at a time.
  • If your child is unable to do any of the above, it is probably best to wait an additional year before enrolling your child in kindergarten.


What is the kindergarten early entrance procedure?

1. Contact KIBSD Special Education Services at 486-7574 prior to or during the first two weeks of August.

2. Special Education Services will contact you to discuss early entry for your child prior to or during the first week of school.

3. If early entry requirements are met, your child will be assessed by KIBSD Special Education Services.

4. The process will be to give the Bracken School Readiness Assessment and if they test above the 90th%ile, then they will be administered the DIAL-IV.  If they score at or above the 95th%ile the child will be recommended for provisional early entry admittance.  A social/emotional survey may also be implemented.

5. A meeting will be held to discuss the results of the assessment of your child.

6. KIBSD staff will determine if your child is provisionally accepted to kindergarten.

7. If provisional attendance occurs, your child will begin kindergarten at the same time as all kindergarten students.

8. Following the trial period, a KIBSD team, along with parents, will meet to determine permanent kindergarten status. This may occur within a three-week window after provisional acceptance.

9. The KIBSD Superintendent of Schools approves or denies the application for early entrance prior to the end of September.

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