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    For information on all job openings in the District go to KIBSD Frontline Employment or call 907-481-7551.

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  • Learn. Together. Kodiak.

    Too often these days we hear people say, “what’s in it for me?” It seems some people feel they need to be compensated or recognized for even the slightest bit of effort. Which is why, I guess, it is always so refreshing to see or hear about someone doing something for a friend or neighbor with no expectation of a reward. It is particularly heartwarming to me when the person doing the nice gesture is a kid. As a former kid myself, I’m well aware of the pervasive stereotype of the lazy and selfish teen. But there are kids right here in our own community who defy this label and have gone out of their way to assist those around them.

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  • Learn. Together. Kodiak

    RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ACTION Happy Friday. Today I would like you to meet Mia Stewart and her pup, Speck. Mia is a fourth grader in Pamela Gray’s class at East Elementary School. Speck is a 10 year-old shelter rescue and has been in the Stewart family for about five years. Speck is amazing. Mia and her family spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking and snowboarding and Speck is always right there in the middle of the action.

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  • Learn. Together. Kodiak

    STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: ELIZABETH ERICKSON As the school year winds to a close, most Kodiak High School seniors are busily finishing up projects and assignments and preparing for graduation. Before long, it will be time for many of them to head off to college or start looking for a job. However, for some members of the Class of 2020, that process started a long time ago.

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  • Learn. Together. Kodiak

    When I talk to families about the adjustments they’ve had to make during the pandemic, many say “having the kids at home all day” is one of the biggest. With their kids no longer in school, parents are now having to deal with managing online meetings, class lessons and homework, coordinating lunches and snacks and honestly, just dealing with kids in their face all day long. This can be particularly challenging for working parents, who are now doing their job from home.

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