Becoming a Substitute

Thank you for your interest in becoming a substitute for the Kodiak Island Borough School District!  We are always looking for qualified individuals to step into the classroom when our full-time teachers and staff have to be away.  If you have a passion for education and working with our youth, we encourage you to apply today.

Our substitute positions generally enjoy flexible schedules throughout the school year, and often individuals can accept daily positions that work best for their schedule based on what is available.


  • Applicants must be at least 18 years or older.
  • High School Diploma or GED.
  • Background check.
  • Online substitute training.
  • In-person orientation.

If you have questions about becoming a substitute or the application process, please call 907-486-7550.

FY24 Pay Rates

Substitute Preparedness Hourly Rate Daily Rate* Substitute Teacher Rate (10-19 consecutive days; not to exceed 20 days)
High school diploma or equivalent $23.00 $161.00 $165.00/day
Two or more successful years of college $24.00 $168.00 $175.00/day

Bachelor’s degree or higher


Valid teaching certificate from out-of-state

$25.00 $175.00 $200.00/day
Valid Alaska teaching certificate $30.00 $210.00 $225.00/day
Retired KIBSD teacher (with valid AK teaching certificate) $60.00 $420.00 $450.00/day


Substitute Preparedness LONG TERM Substitute Teacher Rate (20+ consecutive days)
Bachelor’s degree & valid Alaska teaching certificate $215.00/day (7 hours)
Master’s degree & valid Alaska teaching certificate $300.00/day (7 hours)
Retired KIBSD teacher (with valid AK teaching certificate) $468.00/day (7 hours)

Long-term subs for more than 20 consecutive days are scheduled in advance of their assignment.  Typically, these are for absences for teacher illness, parental leave, etc.  If the assignment will be for more than 20 consecutive days and encompasses the last day of a school year, a long-term substitute teaching contract will be issued.


Daily rate is based on a seven­ hour-teacher day.

A substitute will be paid a 2-hour call-out fee in the following events: Sub arrives to their assignment, and without prior notice, the assignment was canceled and there are no other vacancies to be placed m. A sub selects an assignment for two (2) hours or longer, and the employee returns before two (2) hours has been completed, and there are no other vacancies the substitute can be placed in.

The hourly rate for Substitute Aides pay is as follows:


Substitute Aide II $18.38
Substitute Aide III $18.82
Substitute Aide IV $22.10
Substitute Cafe Specialist $17.97
Substitute Custodian 1 $17.97
Substitute Food Service Helper $17.13
Substitute Registered Nurse $34.81
Substitute Retired KIBSD Nurse $37.98
Substitute Secretary I $17.97
Substitute Secretary II $19.61
Substitute Secretary III $22.10
Substitute Village Custodian $20.50

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