Current Student Re-Enrollment


To simplify the student re-enrollment process we have developed a Registration Update within the PowerSchool Parent Portal. The system displays all of the student information on file and gives parents and guardians the ability to update any information that may be out of date or incorrect.

To begin the Re-Enrollment process simply log into the Parent Portal in PowerSchool, and click on the Registration Update button at the bottom of the list.

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The tabs at the top of the window are used for navigating through the form. Please review the information in each tab before continuing to the Submit Changes tab to submit your requested changes to the school. If you find information that is incorrect or out of date, please enter the new value in the fields under the “Please Make Your Updates” column. There is no need to enter any information if everything is correct. To acknowledge that you have reviewed the information you must agree to the Information Submission Agreement on the Submit Changes tab and press the Submit button. This notifies the School that your child’s school registration is complete.


Re-Enrollment FAQ’s

My child is already attending school; why must I Re-Enroll them?
The re-enrollment process ensures that your child’s information is accurate, and allows the schools to prepare the necessary services for the coming school year. Families, friends and relatives may have moved or changed phone numbers, this information is vital in case of an emergency and must be accurate.

Does this mean I have to enter ALL of my information again?
No, the new re-enrollment process shows you the information the school already has on file. All you need to do is update any information that is no longer valid.

My child already has an account in PowerSchool, can they complete the re-enrollment?
No, your child’s account does not have access to the re-enrollment process. This process must be completed by a parent or guardian.

I have more than one child, do I need a separate account for each child?
No, you can link all of your children to a single account. This can either be done at the time of account creation or after an account has been created in the preferences section. Just contact the school and ask for the codes to link your children to the account.

I don’t have access to a computer or need help with re-enrollment, where do I go for help?
Contact your child’s school, they will arrange assistance for you.

When can I Re-Enroll my child?
The re-enrollment process is available at any time. You are required to complete the re-enrollment process once per school year if your child will be attending school the following year. Re-enrollment can be used any time you need to make changes to your child’s information.

What is PowerSchool?
PowerSchool is the Student Information System used by KIBSD. Your account in PowerSchool allows you to access important information about your child’s education. You can see your child’s grades and attendance, graduation progress, bell schedule, and fee balance. You can also change the settings for automatic notifications from the school, and update your child’s registration information. The PowerSchool Parent Portal is a great way to stay informed about your child’s education.

How can I enroll my children who are not already enrolled? 
New student registration is easy.  Visit our Enrollment webpage for entry requirements and access to the Student Enrollment Portal.  If you need assistance, please contact your child’s school.