Community Partners in Reading

Kodiak Community Connects Through Reading
Connecting community with students to improve reading within our schools. 

What is Community Partners in Reading?
Community Partners in Reading is a new reading project being launched by KIBSD. This project targets and enhances student reading growth and confidence and at the same time building connections and relationships within our community.  Community members have the opportunity to connect with students by listening to them read.

To Start:
This project will begin in October, starting with 2nd grade.  A partner volunteer will go to each 2nd grade classroom one time per week for an hour to listen to 5-6 individual students read for approximately 10 minutes each.

Long Term Goal:
As our pool of volunteers grow, we will be including grade levels 3-5.  The long-term goal is to sustain this project and eventually include all Elementary grade levels K-5.  The program supplies materials for the partner volunteer which include leveled reading passages, a guide with listening strategies and a schedule for the partner volunteers.

As we put together the volunteer list, we are excited to see the variety of community interest such as retired teachers, KIBSD administrators, elders, coast guard, past and present school board members, parents etc.

To begin connecting with students please e-mail:
Tammy Hocum and Crystal Wheeler

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