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Kodiak Island is the second largest island in the United States, and the largest island in the Kodiak Archipelago. It is 3,588 square miles of coastal lands, mountains, and ocean shores – a place of spectacular scenic beauty and lush vegetation in the Gulf of Alaska. Kodiak is famous for its unrivaled population of Kodiak Brown bears, astonishing salmon runs, world class sport fishing and hunting, and its rugged, unspoiled wilderness. Kodiak is one of the largest commercial fishing ports in the country, and it is home to the largest U.S. Coast Guard base in the nation. 

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Flat map of North America showing the locations of Alaska and Kodiak Island





Map of Kodiak Alaska showing the location of all schools

New Teachers 

Teachers in our district fall under the KBEA bargaining agreement and have benefits such as medical/dental/vision insurance, HSA, 403(b) Retirement Plan, life insurance, and Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  

Teachers are also eligible for tuition reimbursement for 3 credit hours every year for professional development. As additional credits are obtained, there is potential for advancement on the salary schedule (outlined in the bargaining agreement).  

KBEA Negotiated Agreement
New Certificated Employee Benefits
New Teacher Welcome Packet

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Tuition Reimbursement flyer
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