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Kodiak Middle School strives to meet the needs of the adolescent learner. Students have two periods in their lives when they grow and develop more than any other time in their lives: between the ages of 0-4 and 10-15.  The middle grades are a time when students are experiencing vast mental, physical, social, and psychological development. Often parents wonder who is this stranger in their home, but the staff at KMS understands your student's developmental period and work to meet their needs.

KMS is a good place to be. The atmosphere is exceptionally positive. The students are lively, the teachers are energized, and the classes are fun. Academically, we do more than just reading, writing, and math. We have exploratories like art, drama, drivers prep and keyboarding.

Feel free to drop in for lunch with your student! Experience KMS first hand, We welcome parents and provide a number of volunteer opportunities in the classroom, after school sports and extra-curricular activities.



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