AKTEACH will pay for tutoring/instruction that is part of the student’s Individual Learning Plan. The parent hires instructors but instructors must be an approved vendor of the AKTEACH program. Vendors must undergo background checks. Please contact AKTEACH prior to hiring a tutor to see if he/she is an approved vendor. The AKTEACH program reserves the right to limit the amount that we will pay per hour for tutoring. We do not reimburse any instructions that are provided by family members. Most parents pay their tutor directly and then submit receipts for reimbursement. In some cases, the tutor will submit their statements to the AKTEACH program for reimbursement. Case services must be rendered before reimbursements are authorized. Statements/Receipts must be original and contain the name of the vendor, dates of service, rate, form of payment, and parent/vendor signatures.

A free chat-based tutoring service called Live Tutor is provided by the Alaska State Library.  

You can access Live Tutor by clicking on the text below.
Live Tutor

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