Allotment Funds



(100% Allotment)


(50% Allotment)

Kindergarten – Grade 12 $2,600.00 $1,300.00


Access to an allotment account for students enrolling after September 25th will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the AKTEACH Teacher and Administrator.

Allotments can be used to cover academic materials and experiences that relate directly to the student’s ILP, as approved by the certificated teacher who has the primary responsibility for the course.  (Please contact an AKTEACH staff member for approval to purchase any item over $200)

Examples of what allotments may be used for include:

Curriculum Packages: Calvert, Book Shark, Timberdoodle, Sonlight & other approved vendors

Books: Textbooks, novels, workbooks, dictionary, thesaurus, poetry, audio or e-books, etc.

General Homeschooling Supplies: Paper, writing supplies, whiteboards, notebooks, etc.

Art Supplies: Brushes, various paint/drawing media, canvas, sketchbook, etc.

Social Studies Materials: Maps, globes, atlases, etc.

Science Supplies: Microscopes and slides, dissection materials, experiment kits, etc.

Math Manipulatives: Pattern blocks, base ten materials, counters, clocks, flashcards, etc.

Software: Digital downloads, typing software, apps, etc.

Magazine Subscriptions: Highlights, Ranger Rick, National Geo Kids, etc.

Online Subscription-Based Programs: Keyboarding without Tears, Spelling City, IXL, etc.

Subscription Boxes: Kiwi Crate, Raddish Kids, Groovy Lab in a Box, Little Passports, etc.

Educational Toys/Brain Games:  Chess, Osmo, Lego Educational Kits, Dash & Dot Robots

Physical Education: Next Step Dance Studio, King Fishers, gym memberships, horseback  riding, etc. (Must be an approved vendor before reimbursement can be given.)

Field Trips: Museums, theater presentations, musical performances, aquarium or zoo visits, etc.

Tutoring Services: Tutoring for academic subjects. Must be an approved vendor and a Tutoring Report must be on file before reimbursement can be given.

Internet: Monthly services fees for internet service.

College Courses: Kodiak College and other approved, accredited universities.


Allotment Rollover

At the end of a school year, money left in the allotment may roll over to the next school year.

As of July 1, 2019, a maximum of $1000 of remaining allotment in a year may be rolled over to the next school year. The student must be re-enrolled for the upcoming school year by May 15th in order to be eligible for allotment rollover.

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