School Entrance and Exit Locations

Each grade level has its own entrance and exit locations.  It’s important that students only use their designated location. Please refer to the images below.

AM Arrival

  • The doors open at 8:00 for students eating breakfast.
  • Other doors open at 8:25am.
  • Entrance Locations:
    • Students eating breakfast will enter through the Commons doors. 
    • 6th grade will enter the doors near the parking lot.
    • 7th grade will enter the middle doors off of Rezanof
    • 8th grade will enter the doors off of Powell Street. 


  • Bus riders will be dropped off and picked up in front of the auditorium.
  • Students being picked up can utilize the KMS playground parking lot, Powell Avenue, Rezanof Drive, or the auditorium parking lot. 

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