Summer Programs 2020

Kodiak Island Borough School District offers a variety of summer enrichment programs for students in grades K-12. A quick overview of our programs and the grades they serve are listed below.

*All programs will be offered through distance delivery until further notice.

KIBSD Summer Programs Claendar 2020

Special Services – Extended School Year (ESY) K-12 

Extended School Year (ESY) is for K-12 students in our Special Education Program and will focus on preventing regression both in academic and behavioral skills. 

WHEN: June 1 – July 2, 2020.  Monday-Thursday   
HELP: If you need assistance, please contact Special Services Department at 907-486-7574.

Summer Enhancement K-8: Science Based Reading and Math Focused  

Summer Enhancement is for grades K-8 and will be made available to all KIBSD students in this age range.  Small groups of 4-5 students will meet with a teacher or paraprofessional to target specific skills 4 times per week. A science basis for each student’s instructional plan will help to further development through inquiry-based learning.  Six weeks of Summer Enhancement are available for students in three week sections.   

WHEN: June 8-25, 2020 
HOW TO ENROLL:  Enroll Online  Session I deadline May 22, 2020.  
HELP: If you need assistance, please call 907-486-7596

Intensives 9-12: Incoming Freshman-Graduating Seniors: High School Career Readiness and CTE 

WHEN: June 1 – June 17, 2020 
HOW TO ENROLL:  Enroll Online Deadline is May 22, 2020.
HELP: If you need assistance, please call 907-486-7596.

Intensives focus on post-secondary readiness. These are fun and engaging classes taught by Kodiak teachers that will meet online and students will complete projects/assignments at home.

Courses include:

Auto Ownership with Jeremiah Stewart:  The Vehicle Ownership Class will teach the basic skills needed to purchase and maintain a vehicle. Students will discuss and research benefits of multiple purchasing strategies and learn the skills necessary to keep vehicles operating at a high level for as long as possible. Oil changes, tire changing, and many other vehicle maintenance procedures will be covered.  

Cosmetology with Phyllis SeatonCosmetology is a job-oriented course of instruction, including all areas of working in a salon atmosphere. We will explore the business side, as well as hair, skin, and nails.

Culinary Arts: Baking with Sarah Nugent: Baking, Pastry, and More! This course will help you build a strong foundation and grow your knowledge in the kitchen.  Although there are many specialties in the culinary arts baking is among the most popular and versatile.  Afterall, not only is baking the key to many delicious dishes, but it is also a great way to learn important skills such as how to measure properly, convert recipes and maintain equipment. Course highlights include: food safety and sanitation, practicing new recipes and cooking techniques you can use at home, learning to bake complex and delicious dishes like a true professional, and exploring your creative side. Discover the delights that await you on this delicious culinary adventure. 

DIY Home Repair & Ownership with Anthony Cavan: This course teaches basic homeownership skills from doing drywall to basic plumbing repairs with an exploration of such topics as electrical and flooring. Students will learn about home ownership from securing a home loan to keeping up resale value. Students will leave the course with the skill set needed to save hundreds of dollars by doing everyday repairs on their own and finding the right home at the right price when the time comes. 

Drivers’ Education with Frances Cooke: Drivers Education is a course that combines effective lessons that give students the basics of operating a vehicle, engaging videos that help students practice decision-making before getting behind the wheel, and opportunities to prepare for the permit test. Students will be learning about driving situations they will not encounter on Kodiak Island as well as understanding the driving conditions found here on the island they will encounter. 

Entrepreneurship with Rolyn Vergara: This course explains the ins and outs of starting your own business, giving you the confidence needed to be your very own boss. You will discover what is needed to operate a personal business from creating a plan, generating financing, and pricing products to marketing services and managing employees. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a true entrepreneur but feel daunted by the prospect, this is your chance to learn all you need to know. 

Everyone Can Code with John Malloy: Learning to code can help students gain essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. “Everyone Can Code” focuses on introducing students to coding. Students will not only learn the language of technology, they will learn new ways to think and bring ideas to life. 

Visual Arts Management with Megan Ivanoff: Calling all DIYers, artists, and creative enthusiastsVisual Arts Management is designed to help you turn your artwork or hobby into your own business and career. Learn how to showcase your talents and earn a profit through the internet in this exciting and ever-changing marketplace. 


Online Courses 9-12: Asynchronous Online Courses with Teacher Support 

This is an extension of our Virtual Course offerings provided during the normal school year. Many online courses are available to our students, which provides a rich menu of options for our students. This helps students who had a scheduling conflict and couldn’t take a desired course during the normal school year, or for students who would benefit from the flexible online learning environment. 

WHEN: June 7 – July 31, 2020 
HOW TO ENROLL:  Enroll Online  Deadline is May 22, 2020

For descriptions and more information on courses, please visit eDynamic Learning


College Classes 12-Grads: College Credit Courses in Partnership with University of Alaska   

More information to come.

WHEN: June 8 – July 31, 2020 Monday-Friday 


Summer Food Service Program (ages 1-18)

WHO: Children ages 1-18

Starting June 1, 2020, the Food Services Department will be offering free breakfast for ages 1-18 Monday through Friday throughout the summer.

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