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KIBSD, KHS to hold Academic Excellence Awards ceremony

KIBSD, KHS to hold Academic Excellence Awards ceremony
By Noelle H. Lowery
The KIBSD Board of Education and administration, along with the faculty and staff of Kodiak High School, will honor students with Academic Excellence Awards for the spring during a ceremony on Tuesday, May 23, at 6PM.
Twice a year, KHS faculty and staff nominate students whose work and outstanding performance have elevated them to the head of the class for an Academic Excellence Award.  Since the 2012-2013 school year, these students also have been honored with the opportunity to be showcased throughout the Kodiak community on posters touting their academic excellence.
A total of 26 KHS students will receive awards for their work during the spring of the 2016-2017 school year.  Following are the recipients and highlights from their nomination forms:
Mariah Cumplido — 9th Grade — Science — Ms. Kinsey Allen: “Mariah is a very kind student, and I’ve really enjoyed having her in class this year.  On top of the fact that she is a positive student, Mariah spends a lot of time on her academics and never leaves her work unfinished.  She comes in at lunch and after school when she knows she’s going to be traveling for sports.  As someone who is very involved in sports, she goes out of her way to make sure she doesn’t fall behind.  When it comes to assessments and presentations, Mariah puts in all of her effort and continues to be successful in my class.  I think Mariah would be very successful working in the science field in the future.”

Wetherleigh Griffin — 9th Grade — Language Arts — Ms. Katrina Stewart: “Some might be tempted to think that Wetherleigh was born into greatness when it comes to language arts, but I assure you she has very much earned her notoriety in her own right.  Besides being a student who has strong academic habits, such as self-discipline, responsibility and follow-through, Wetherleigh has both a love and well-developed aptitude for the subject.  She is able to contribute insight and depth to literary conversations.  She is attuned to the nuances and subtleties that lie between and beyond the words of a text, and she makes meaningful connections between various threads of a work.  In addition to her analytical skills, Wetherleigh is also a talented writer — one who can articulate her thoughts and enhance them with meaningful support and development.  She writes with purpose and clarity.  As a student she eagerly strives to help her peers reach their potential while holding herself to high standards.  I have truly enjoyed our shared love of literature while also learning from and with her this year.”


Roseanne Boado — 9th — Culinary Art — Chef Samantha Mann: “Over the course of her first year of culinary arts education, Roseanne has shown herself to be more than capable of going the extra mile.  Her work is not only timely and correct, but she always chooses to do more than is required.  Her cooking skills are far advanced for a first-year student; she produces delicious, high-quality food, and never ceases to impresses me with her precision.  She volunteers her time outside of class to help with community projects, most recently by helping make over 6,000 Bruin Burgers for CrabFest.  Roseanne also volunteered to spend three days at Woody Island with Main Elementary’s fifth graders to help prepare their meals and work in the kitchen, and received glowing praise for being a hard worker, able to keep up with high demands.  I look forward to seeing Roseanne excel in another year of culinary arts education.”

Lars Hanson — 9th Grade — Social Studies — Mr. Matt Neagley: “ Lars Hansen has been a laudable student this school year in Modern Times class.  Lars consistently maintains a curious, passionate, dedicated desire to learn and to engage in the depth of aspects relating to comprehending the present via the past.  From a teacher perspective, Lars has assisted the entire class to delve into greater depth of understandings by engaging with applicable pertinent questions, and likewise statements of observation.  This approach has a domino effect with his classmates.  Lars diligently prepares for exams, and his ability to parse the past to illustrate disparate and complex present aspects has been academically elevated; likewise, the outcomes with his projects.  Lars’s demeanor by extension is humble, kind, respectful and earnest.  Lars gives me great hope that our future is in better hands with he as an activist however that may come to be.”


Janine Francisco — 9th Grade — Spanish — Ms. Lindsey Glenn: “Janine is an outstanding student in Spanish.  She consistently turns in high quality work and is an example to her peers.  Do not be deceived by Janine’s quiet nature; she is a Spanish ninja!  She picks up vocabulary and structures, and is able to read, write, speak and understand far above the Spanish I level.  In addition to her aptitude for foreign language, she also has an easy going and delightful nature.  She does not hesitate to help her peers as she patiently works with others and serves as a mentor for many in our class.  I am thrilled to recognize Janine for Academic Excellence in Foreign Language and look forward to working with her in the future.”

Grace Westling — 10th Grade — Art — Ms. Susan Gill: “Grace has earned Academic Excellence for her studies in Visual Arts.  She is an accomplished watercolor artist, who continues to challenge herself with other mediums as well.  Grace takes time to reflect on her work and is always open to trying new styles and methods in art.  Grace will be moving on to another state next year, but I know she will continue to challenge herself and grow as an artist.”

Jonalyn Valdez — 10th Grade — Culinary Arts — Chef Samantha Mann: “The amount of precision and passion for culinary arts that I see in Jonalyn is unmatched, even by students who have more years of experience.  She consistently produces the best quality work in her class and chooses to challenge herself by attempting — and often succeeding at — higher difficulty skills.  Jonalyn has exceptionally strong visual arts skills, and creates beautiful, artistic, well-plated and presented dishes that are also technically correct, a feat that is difficult even for professionals.  From beautifully frosted prom cupcakes to perfectly garnished chocolate mousses, she is the student I turn to when I need a large-volume recipe produced flawlessly.  She volunteers her time as an FCCLA club officer, and doesn’t shy away from going the extra mile.  Jonalyn is fun, energetic and a true joy to work with, and has a very bright future in the culinary arts.”

Olivia Winters — 10th Grade — Social Studies — Ms. Jennifer Parnell: “It’s a pleasure to recommend Olivia Winters as an outstanding sophomore in Social Studies this term.  She approaches the broad topic of World History with an eye for the critical, formulating in-depth questions.  She puts her best effort into every assignment, assessment and project.  Via has the ability to see key issues and progress quickly to complex concepts and beyond to universal themes.  Equally important is her work ethic and her sense of humor.  She holds herself to the highest standard but remains approachable and helpful with other students, never taking herself too seriously and quietly maintaining an ethic of excellence.  Via is a thoughtful, reflective and self-motivated student.  I look forward to seeing where she takes her outstanding historical thinking skills next year.”


Romil Suyat — 10th Grade — Biology — Ms. Kinsey Allen: “Romil has been very successful in my class this year.  Even though he’s expressed that Biology is not his favorite subject, he continues to work hard on all of his assignments and do very well on his tests.  He uses creativity in his presentations and projects that demonstrates a deeper understanding, and he doesn’t hesitate to try level 4 assignments when given the opportunity.  On top of his determination to do well in class, he is kind and helpful towards his classmates who are struggling with the material.”


Alisha SantaMaria — 10th Grade — Language Arts — Mr. Marc Mens: “Alisha is a student in Composition and Literature 10.  Her commitment to giving full attention and effort is a clear indicator of Alisha’s preparedness for the next level of academics.  Ms. Santamaria has shown tremendous growth in analysis of texts.  Through her deep thinking, her class has often been given a new perspective.”

Kayla Sanchez — 10th Grade — Language Arts — Mr. Marc Mens: “Kayla is a student in Composition and Literature 10.  Her commitment to success in the class has been showcased by her constant inquiry and her ability to bring new ideas to class.  Kayla’s writing and overall analysis of texts has improved significantly during the school year.  Kayla has often shared her perspective in class, which builds collective learning in our group.”
Mikhaela Daguio — 11th Grade — ELAP — Mr. Wilkinson Nestor: “Mikhaela is a student who enjoys thinking and finding connections to new ideas.  She is also very driven.  In addition, her inquisitive nature has helped her make great academic gains this semester.  Out of all of my students, Mikhaela’s writing has improved the most.  She has the highest average in all of my classes and consistently produces high quality work.  I expect great things from her.  I have enjoyed teaching and learning from Mikhaela."
Kiae Shin — 11th Grade — Art — Ms. Susan Gill: “Kiae has earned Academic Excellence for her studies in Visual Arts.  She is a very positive and hardworking young lady, who challenges herself to create unique and interesting pieces.  Kiae has demonstrated a significant level of growth this year, and I look forward to working with her in AP 3-D Studio Art next school year.”
Ian Harper — 11th Grade — Welding— Mr. Anthony Cavan: “Ian is a student who displays a strong work ethic with attention to detail.  This commitment to excellence has served him well as he has obtained seven industry welding certifications and is currently working on becoming certified in pipe.  This is something he will surely complete in the fall.  Ian also takes a leadership role in the welding shop by reinforcing safety practices with the younger students and encouraging all students to participate in the cleaning process at the end of each class period.  It truly is a pleasure having Ian as a student, and I look forward to seeing him accomplish even more next year.”
Ana Castro — 11th Grade — Math — Mr. Wayne Seth McManus: “While Ana has performed at a high level, it is her work ethic and diligence which I most admire.   Ana is very diligent with her homework and engaged in class.  Ana has worked very hard outside of class with aides and in homework club.  Ana is a great example of how to be successful.”
Marcus Vizcocho — 11th Grade — Math — Mr. Wayne Seth McManus: “Marcus is very personable and respectful, and I am always glad to have him in class.  What stands out the most about him is his work ethic and dedication.  He is often the last to leave the classroom; he will stay and get answers to questions he has.  He comes in for help when needed, and has a strong dedication to understanding the content.”
Maria Cordova Arevalo — 11th Grade — ELAP — Mr. Grant Ringerwole: “Maria has shown immense growth throughout this semester.  She is, without doubt, one of the hardest working students in my class.  She constantly advocates for herself, often seeking help after school so she can improve her abilities.  She is not afraid to ask questions and attempt difficult new material.  She has taken up extra class leadership roles and has shined.  Maria has a lot of potential and has developed into a great student.”
Kiae Shin — 11th Grade — Architecture — Mr. Mike Finley: “Kiae has been a student of Architecture for two years.  She has an amazing ability to design and create valid solutions to Architectural problems.  This year, she took first place at the SkillsUSA competition in Anchorage and will be representing the state of Alaska at the national competition held in Louisville, KY, next month.  I have no doubt that this young lady will do well in the competition.  She is the best in Alaska!  Kiae has also entered a wonderfully designed structure into this year’s annual Frank Maier Design Competition…Kiae has an unbridled passion for Architecture and is considering pursuing a career in this field.  It has been my pleasure to work with Kiae in the capacity of a teacher and mentor.  I am looking forward to future opportunities to challenge her in studies.  Congratulations Kiae for all of your achievements.  You should be very proud of your effort and level of success!”
Hannah Glover — 11th Grade — Music — Mr. Walter Muelling: “Hannah Glover is one of the most shining examples of academic excellence in music I have ever had the pleasure of teaching.  She holds leadership positions that are both elected by peers and appointed by the teacher, and is highly successful at them both.  Besides simply mastering the material, she excels through both direct and indirect leadership.  I leave her responsible for teaching in my absence, and she leads the orchestra with grace and courage.  This semester has shown the largest amount of growth from her, and I can’t wait to see where her senior year takes her.”
Deneila Beltran — 11th Grade — Math — Mr. Wayne Seth McManus: “Deneila decided this semester that she wanted to earn an ‘A’.  She has been very diligent with her coursework and attendance.  She asks questions and seeks help outside of class.  She has been helping other students with their geometry, and has been an encouragement to them.  Deneila is a great example of setting a goal and reaching it.”
Deneila Beltran — 11th Grade — ELAP — Mr. Wilkinson Nestor: “Deneila Beltran is the most talented and hardest working students in my classes.  This is exemplified by her rapid movement from English 3 to English 4.  Though she faced many challenges, she did not waiver in her desire to learn and improve her English.  What’s most impressive is Deneila’s ability to balance her academic life, extracurricular activities and her faith-based commitments.  It has been a pleasure teaching and learning from Deneila this year.”
Elvia Cantarero Ruiz — 12th Grade — ELAP — Mr. Wilkinson Nestor: “Elvia Cantarero Ruiz is clearly the most improved student in all of my English classes.  She works tirelessly after school and on the weekends to complete her assignments.  I have witnessed her unmatched focus and dedication towards improving her English, time management, class participation and the overall quality of her work.  With her drive, Elvia has the potential to achieve all of her goals.”
Jason Ramos — 12th Grade — PE — Mr. Marcus Dunbar: “Jason is in Mr. Dunbar’s third period Team Sports class.  He always participates with vigorous effort, plays fair, shows good sportsmanship both in victory and defeat.  Jason is almost never absent, always comes dressed out and prepared for class.  Jason is kind to others, maintains a consistent positive attitude, and has demonstrated excellent talent and skills throughout the entire school year in Physical Education Class.”
Jonathan Samson — 12th Grade — Social Studies — Ms. Carla Lam: “Jonathan Samson is one of those students who quietly and meticulously does his work.  As a student of psychology, I was impressed by his ability to thoroughly express his understanding of concepts and apply those concepts to situational analysis.  It was always a joy to read his responses.  I feel fortunate to have had Jonathan as a student.”
Arielle Himelbloom — 12th Grade — Music — Mr. Dale Lhotka: “Senior Arielle Himelbloom has been in band for 7 years and has served as the clarinet section leader and as vice president of the Concert and Pep Band.  Her leadership skills have been a positive influence to all those around her.  Thank you, Arielle, for the wonderful impact that you have made upon your peers.”
Anthony Maghupoy — 12th Grade — Music — Mr. Dale Lhotka: “Senior Anthony Maghupoy is a man of few words.  A silent, but effective leader, Anthony leads by example and is one of the finest oboe players that Kodiak has heard in a long time.  Anthony is also equally proficient on the clarinet which has made him quite a commodity to the KHS band program.  Thank you, Anthony, we will certainly miss your luscious hobo solos.”