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Michelle Hartley, You Made My Day!


Out here in Danger Bay, when I am sick (I am the only teacher), my TA has to step up and do everything for kids from K-12th grades. There is no time to find a sub and fly them out here by the time I wake up in the morning and clock in sick (and, there are currently no subs available in camp.) So, Michelle steps up and takes over our entire school. She teachers our Kinder student (which is a full time job), overseas our upper elementary and middle school students for their daily assignments, and checks in with our HS students to make sure they used their day wisely. I know how hard this is because I have had to do it a few times when she has been out. It's EXHAUSTING. The diversity of needs and wants is overwhelming...and, you do not get one minute to even go to the bathroom. This week, I returned from In-service very sick and missed parts of two days of school. Without missing a beat, Michelle jumped in and made sure it was "business as usual" at school. She is extremely talented and I am extremely blessed to have her on my team out here.


Submitted by: Shawntel Allen