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May 15, 2020


Happy Friday. Today I would like you to meet Mia Stewart and her pup, Speck. Mia is a fourth grader in Pamela Gray’s class at East Elementary School. Speck is a 10 year-old shelter rescue and has been in the Stewart family for about five years.

Speck is amazing. Mia and her family spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking and snowboarding and Speck is always right there in the middle of the action. If you follow her dad, Marcus’ Instagram page, you will see there really isn’t much that Speck is not willing to participate in. But when they aren’t exploring the many small islands around Kodiak or discovering new trails, Speck is happy to curl up next to Mia and keep her company while she does her homework or works on her various art projects. Mia likes to color and paint and has also been dabbling in other mediums lately such as melted crayons, tissue paper and Mod Podge and hot glue collages. 

Like most of her classmates and teachers, Mia really misses going to school. She says class meetings on her iPad are just not the same and wishes she could see and hug her friends. One of her favorite parts of being at school is her PE class with Monica Claridge. Mia says Coach Monica is “the bomb” and they even have their own special greeting they would do together each day. She is excited to compete in the upcoming virtual Elementary School Field Day organized by Claridge and other KIBSD PE teachers and has even created some new events of her own.

Summer plans for Mia to go visit her grandparents in Washington have unfortunately been postponed. But as the weather gets nicer each day on the island, there are plenty of recreational pursuits to keep her busy right here at home. Biking, hiking, kayaking, tree climbing, trips to the beach. And her friend, Speck will be there for all of it. 

Thank you to Mia and her mom, Katrina for telling us all about their adventures with Speck.

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