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KMS students receive 3rd quarter Rotary Youth Merit Award

March 8, 2017KMS students receive 3rd quarter Rotary Youth Merit Award
KMS students receive 3rd quarter Rotary Youth Merit Award

Service. Dependability. Leadership.
These are the special character traits the Kodiak Rotary is celebrating when its members bestow the Rotary Youth Merit Award upon six deserving Kodiak Middle School students — two students per grade level — each quarter. The students are nominated for the award by their grade-level teachers.
Those KMS students receiving the Rotary Youth Merit Award for the third quarter of the 2016-2017 school year include:
  • Eddie DeLeon is a conscientious sixth grader at KMS. He is a lasagna-with-a-medium-amount-of-cheese-loving, self-motivated student who takes pride in his work. During his free time, Eddie enjoys participating in soccer, playing Xbox, watching videos on his phone, and reading when the environment is quiet. Programming is Eddie’s passion, and he aspires to be a robotics programmer when he is older. When asked about why he wants to pursue programming, he said, “When I program, it just feels fun.” Who can argue with that? His teachers say he is a blessing and joy to teach.
  • Sixth-grader Breanna Smith has been in Kodiak for about a year and previously lived in Houston, TX. She lives with her mom, dad, brother and sister, as well as their four dogs. Breanna's teachers have noticed that she is a leader in class. She loves to help others and will step up to work with other students in need. She loves math, language arts, steam class, and choir, and wants to be a singer when she grows up. Breanna loves lots of things: laughing, fishing, swimming, singing, reading, and dancing. When she is not in class, she might be found in her favorite place at KMS — the library — where she can be found reading a scary book. Her KMS teachers are proud of Breanna and encourage her to use her outgoing personality and leadership skills to do great things in the world.
  • Eli Chandler is a thoughtful seventh grader who works incredibly diligently regardless of the task presented. He is highly motivated and constantly strives to be successful. He is a model of responsibility and respectfulness for other students. His affable demeanor ensures it is a joy to have him in his classes and as part of the KMS school community. Eli displays a high level of determination in everything he does, and his favorite classes are coding and robotics. His favorite hobby at home is working on coding on his computer. Eli’s ambition and hard work have inspired his teachers to nominate him for the Rotary Award.
  • Ashley Dieckmann is an amazing member of the seventh grade at KMS and the school community at large. She brings a positive and hard-working attitude to any challenge she faces, and is willing to assist both staff members and other students. Her creative ideas and kind spirit are appreciated by her peers and teachers alike. She constantly displays resilience and dedication in everything she does. She loves drawing, reading and walking around with her friends. Her favorite class is band, where she is always excited to play new music. She is looking forward to joining drama so she can assist with the technical aspects of it. Ashley’s teachers feel she is a joy to have at KMS, and they were proud to nominate her for the Rotary Award.
  • Aj Arevalo eighth grade teachers at KMS feel that he is more than deserving of this award based on his positive character and overall performances inside and outside the classroom.  Aj is a kind and courteous student who strives to do his best work in all his classes, which has shown as he has met or exceeded expectations in all his classes throughout the majority of the school year. Additionally, while Aj has demonstrated the ability to excel inside the classroom, his successes carry onto various areas outside the class as well. Aj has participated in multiple athletic programs, such as basketball, intramural sports tournaments, and is also planning on joining track and field this spring. Aj’s hobbies include basketball and drawing. His favorite subjects in school are physical education because he gets to be active and work on his athleticism and history because he enjoys learning about the past. In order to better prepare himself for high school, Aj has set a goal to perform to the best of his ability in all of his activities and to make travel team for track and field.
  • Eighth-grader Esther Flerchinger is a student who brightens the day of everyone around her. She commits herself fully to everything she does, and consistently works to be the best she can be. Esther also displays an amazing resiliency and mindset; she allows her failures to boost her up and give her learning experiences rather than getting discouraged by them. Even Esther's two favorite classes — Orchestra and Math Foundations — make it very clear that her priorities are always working hard and improving herself. One goal she has for this year is to learn vibrato on her cello. Not only is Esther dedicated and hardworking, but she also treats all of her fellow students with kindness and respect, setting a shining example for all of her peers as she works to ensure that everyone is included and respected. Her teachers were honored to nominate Esther for the Rotary Youth Merit Award, as she is more than deserving of it.