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February is School Board Recognition Month


School Board Recognition Month Logo


The Association of Alaska School Boards Board of Directors has declared February to be School Board Recognition Month, a time to honor school board members and to express appreciation for their contributions.


The Kodiak Island Borough School District is joining with other districts throughout Alaska to recognize the important contributions board members make to their communities.


School board members exemplify local citizen control and decision making in education. They volunteer hundreds of hours and an immeasurable amount of energy to assure that our schools are providing the best education possible for the children of our community. Here are some reasons we are taking this time to show them our appreciation during School Board Recognition Month.


School board members are citizens whose decisions affect our children-what they learn, who will teach them, and what kinds of facilities house their classrooms.


These are men and women elected to establish the policies that provide the framework for our public schools. They represent you, and they take this responsibility seriously by attending lengthy-and sometimes turbulent meetings, conferences, and institutes where they broaden their knowledge about education; during numerous conversations about the schools; and before the Alaska Legislature.


Our school board is one of fifty-three such boards across the state. These boards enable us to have local control of the public schools, meaning that decisions on school programming are made by local, elected representatives who understand the community's unique problems, values, cultures, and circumstances.


It's a tradition that began more than 200 years ago. With the advice and counsel of the educational professionals they hire, our school board has an impact on virtually every aspect of our schools. It's a huge responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly.


While a special effort is made each February to show appreciation to local school board members, we acknowledge that their work and commitment lasts throughout the year. Please help us thank these dedicated volunteers for their efforts to make a difference and their unfailing commitment to the continued success of our students now and in the future.


Our Board of Education:
Duncan Fields - President 
Katie Oliver - Vice President 
Judy Carstens - Clerk 
Kelly Bell - Treasurer 
Julie Cain Hill - Member 
CDR Dan Rogers - U.S. Coast Guard Advisory Representative