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Letter to KHS Students from Superintendent LeDoux

March 27, 2020


We just wanted to welcome you back and let you know that everybody at the School District is thinking about you. The coronavirus has impacted all of our lives, creating this new and strange situation that seems to change daily. A couple weeks ago you were all together at school, discussing plans for spring break, prom, basketball tournaments, graduation. You shared rides and French fries. You hugged and high-fived each other. Now you have been instructed to stay in your homes and maintain distance from others. This is a challenging time for all of us, but can be particularly tough for teenagers. You need to know that while this may be our reality for the time being, it will not last forever.

It is important for you to know that your teachers and administrators are doing everything possible to help you finish the school year on a positive note. I know it can be overwhelming, especially for our seniors, but people are here to help. It is perfectly ok to be confused and frustrated about what will happen with your grades, and how you will graduate or prepare for college. But please hang in there. If we all work together right now, we will get through this.

Learning from home will present unique challenges, not just for you, but also your teachers. Keep in mind that they are working hard to make this as easy as possible for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your teachers and fellow students if something doesn’t make sense or seems particularly difficult. Remember that this is new for all of us. Your teachers will appreciate feedback, let them know how they are doing.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to help others who have questions. Let’s make sure we are taking care of ourselves, and also our friends, neighbors, and our families. Try to remember that everybody is dealing with this situation in their own way. A friendly message or smile goes a long way to helping someone cope. Take a minute to share a joke or funny video. If you are feeling overwhelmed or scared or down, please reach out. There are many people willing to talk to you. Family, friends, teachers, church members or healthcare professionals are all willing to listen.

Make sure to stay active each day. Use this as an opportunity to find new ways to exercise your body AND your mind. Spring is here, make sure to get outside and get some sun and fresh air. If you find yourself bored or stuck inside, try to find new programs or videos that explore science, culture, history or current events. This is a great opportunity to recharge your sense of wonder and curiosity. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. See how many books you can read. Share ideas with your friends and classmates. See who can do the most crunches. Our athletic director will soon be providing tips online for staying healthy and fit in these difficult times.

Overall, remember that this situation will pass. Stay positive. Stay healthy. Stay safe.

We are the Kodiak Bears. We are fierce and resilient. This will only make us stronger.



Larry LeDoux