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Letter to K-5 Students from Superintendent LeDoux

March 27, 2020


How are you?  How was your Spring Break?  Have you noticed it’s getting warmer outside and the days are getting longer? I hope you have been getting lots of fresh air and making time to have fun every single day.

I know you might be a little confused right now considering you should be back in school with your friends and teacher, and that’s ok.  I want you to know that we are taking a little break to make sure your classroom and your teacher are healthy for when you return.

It might feel a little weird doing your classwork from home without your teacher, but I encourage you to keep working hard and to do the best you can.  This is a great time to read some new books or learn some new games! If you have questions or really want to talk to your teacher, please ask your parents to call them for you.  Your teachers are thinking about you and would love to hear how you are doing.  It would really make them happy if you wrote them a letter and told them all about your experience of learning from home.

Please know that the School District misses seeing your cheerful faces and looks forward to the day when we can all return to our schools and our classrooms.  Until then, please take good care of yourself and your family.  Stay healthy and active.  Get out and play as much as possible and continue learning new things.  Find something to laugh about each day. 

Everything is going to be all right.


Sent with a smile,

Larry LeDoux