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Special Services Department Letter to Families

March 13, 2020

Dear Kodiak Families,

In the event that our schools need to change our delivery format for health and safety reasons, we want families to be aware of our plan for services. It is the intent of the Special Services Department to continue special education services for students. We are going to deliver an individualized program for each child based on their specific needs and situation. We are confident that our staff is up to the challenge and we are thankful for partnerships with families.

In the event that students and staff are unable to come to the schools, case managers will be providing work for students to complete that addresses their IEP goals and objectives. In many cases, this work will require supervision and support from people in the home. There will be regular contact with a special education teacher or paraprofessional via phone, video, or email conferencing (assuming that people are healthy and able to work). This call will serve as support for problem solving, to check in on progress and to monitor a student's ability to complete the practice and work that is provided. In some cases, when appropriate, contact will be made with a member of the support staff from the Special Services Department to support the modification of general education curriculum, or to support a student either directly or indirectly ( through a family member).

We anticipate continuing the schedule of related services through the use of on-line systems and by appointment. The team members that provide services in those areas will contact families via email or phone to schedule a time for services.

There are cases where this will be challenging. We are hopeful that through our work together we can problem solve and provide the best educational services possible for the situation. We want students to continue making progress even through a difficult time.




Geoff Smith

Director of Special Services


Kim Saunders

Assistant Director of Special Services



Special Services Plan:

1. Students who require individualized special education services will have district technology provided to use for access to content. • Secondary students have this technology already. • Elementary age students (pre-K to 5th grade) will follow the district's plan for distribution which will be a scheduled time for a family to pick up the device.

2. You will receive an email from your student's case manager regarding the service times and plan for work that will be provided to address your student's goals and objectives.

3. You will receive a phone call from your student's case manager to review this information and to schedule services for in home delivery.

4. Interpreters will be available as needed for these calls. 5. Speech and language services and Occupational Therapy will be provided via distance delivery.

6. Once a schedule has been established- support staff or teacher will call or video conference with your student or their family member during the scheduled times.

7. Work packets will be provided via Apple Classroom, email or via pick up options based on your family's individual needs.

Please work with your student's case manager to problem solve any concerns regarding services. Contact Geoff Smith or Kim Saunders via email or phone with questions or concerns.

Thank you for your willingness to partner with us during this time.