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53rd Annual Joe Floyd Basketball Tournament Schedule

Games Schedule December 19- 21, 2019 

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Thursday 19th

10:00am- Coaches Meeting in the Hospitality Room.

Games Begin

12:30pm                      Homer VS GlennAllen                         (Girls)

2:15pm                        Kodiak VS Homer JV)                          (Girls)

4:15pm                        C-Team Boys VS 8th                             (Boys)

5:45pm                        Dimond VS GlennAllen                       (Boys)

7:15pm                        Kodiak VS Delta                                   (Boys)

8:45pm                        Kodiak VS Dimond JV                          (Girls)


Friday 20th               

10:00am                      Dimond JV VS Homer                         (Girls)

11:45am                      Kodiak JV VS Dimond JV                     (Boys)

1:30pm                        Kodiak JV VS Homer JV                       (Girls)

3:00pm                        Dimond VS Delta                                (Boys)

5:00pm                        Kodiak VS GlennAllen                         (Girls)             

6:45pm                        Kodiak VS GlennAllen                         (Boys)


Seafood Banquet in the H.S. Cafeteria following the last game of the day. (teams, Dance team, cheerleaders, officials only)


Saturday 21st

10:00am                      Kodiak JV VS Dimond JV                    (Boys)

11:30am                      3rd/4th grade All Stars                       (Boys)

12:30pm                     GlennAllen VS Dimond JV                  (Girls)

2:15pm                        5th/6th grade All Stars                       (Boys)

3:30pm                        Delta VS GlennAllen                          (Boys)

5:30pm                        Kodiak VS Homer                              (Girls)

7:30pm                        Kodiak VS Dimond                            (Boys)             


KHS Kindness Court will be announced (half time of boy’s game).

Awards following the final game.

Volunteers are needed to help in the Bears Den.  If interested, please sign up using SignUpGenius