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KHS Music Solo & Ensemble Contest

The KHS Music Department is proud to announce the results of this year’s regional Solo & Ensemble Contest. 52 students have earned Superior Ratings and will be traveling to the University of Alaska on May 9th to compete at the state level. Please join us in congratulating the following students on their impressive performances:
KHS Mixed Ensemble (Traditional Mixed Vocal Ensemble), Superior:
•Joshua Alonzo
•Tyler Bautista
•Rafael Bitanga
•Bradly Cobban
•Jamie Fabricante
•Arjay Fangonilo
•Caleb Griffin
•Omar Llamos
•Gabriel Nelson
•Alaissa Nugent
•Lance Smith
•Trinity Smith
•Rebekah Walton
• Ryan Merrill (Traditional Vocal Solo), Superior
• Abraham Fields (Traditional Vocal Solo), Superior
• Felix Lewis (Traditional Vocal Solo), Superior
• Antonia Pristas (Traditional Vocal Solo), Superior
• Ella Spence (Traditional Vocal Solo), Superior
KHS Musical Theater Ensemble (Musical Theater Small Vocal Ensemble), Superior:
•Acacia Birbilas
•Bradly Cobban
•Allison Hartt
•Felix Lewis
•Ella Spence
•Joshua Alonzo (Musical Theater Vocal Solo), Superior
•Antonia Pristas (Musical Theater Vocal Solo), Superior
•Ella Spence (Musical Theater Vocal Solo), Superior
•Annie VanDyke (Musical Theater Vocal Solo), Superior
•Lucky Tiglao (Viola Solo), Superior
•Emma Clary (Viola Solo), Superior
•Krista Simpler (Violin Solo), Superior
•JB Kim (Violin Solo), Superior
•Elbren Montuya (Violin Solo), Superior
•Raphael Bitanga (Cello Solo), Superior
KHS Jazz Band (Large Instrumental Ensemble), Superior:
•Nick Carver (4th Trombone)
•Chase Demucha (Lead Trumpet)
•Fisher Gandel (Drums)
•Carly Glover (2nd Alto Saxophone)
•Ricky Godsey (2nd Trombone)
•Ethan Kratt (2nd Tenor Saxophone)
•Wyatt Lotzer (Guitar)
•Lucas Parker (2nd Trumpet)
•Patrick Peralta (3rd Trombone)
•Jackson Roberts (Bass Guitar)
•Youji Seto (Lead Tenor Saxophone)
•David Sumera (Lead Alto Saxophone)
•Romil Suyat (Lead Trombone)
•Clara Underwood (Piano)
•Jordan Walton (3rd Trumpet)
•Dylan Zurflueh (Baritone Saxophone)
•Josiah Overbeek (French Horn Solo), Superior
•Lucky Tiglao (Flute Solo), Superior