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Kodiak High School Shakesbears Dominate the Dimond DDF Tournament

Shakesbears group photo of students holding their awards.

Kodiak High School Shakesbears Dominate the Dimond DDF Tournament

The KHS Shakesbears Drama Team, coached by Jared Griffin, competed against over 100 students from around Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula at the Dimond DDF Tournament this weekend, and walked away with several awards in multiple events. In all, the Shakesbears won five 1st place awards, three 2nd place awards, two 3rd place awards, and three 4th place awards.

1st place in Extemporaneous Commentary: Sara Scott

1st place in Humorous Interpretation: Felix Lewis

1st place in Dramatic Interpretation (tie): Felix Lewis and Acacia Birbilas

1st place in Duo Interpretation: Acacia Birbilas and Wetherleigh Griffin

2nd place in Humorous Interpretation: Alli Hartt

2nd place in Solo Acting: Wetherleigh Griffin

2nd place in Readers Theatre: Krista Simpler, Audrey Lonheim, Sara Scott, Gracie Thomas, Maryssa Abston

3rd place in Humorous Interpretation: Acacia Birbilas

3rd place in Readers Theatre: Acacia Birbilas and Felix Lewis

4th place in Dramatic Interpretation: Maryssa Abston

4th place in Duo Interpretation: Audrey Lonheim and Krista Simpler

4th place in Readers Theatre: Julianna Jones, Derek Rocheleau, Alli Hartt, Tayla Eaton, Serabella Jones

Items of Note:

  • Sara Scott (freshman) is a first-time competitor in a new event for KHS. Scott earned first place in each round she competed in, a rarity in DDF competition. Scott’s stellar performance already places her in the top 20 extemporaneous speakers in the state.
  • Felix Lewis, Acacia Birbilas, and Maryssa Abston each earned scores of 100 for their dramatic performances, a rare honor for competitors.
  • KHS Shakesbears swept the Humorous Interpretation category.
  • KHS Shakesbears sent more competitors to finals than any other school.
  • KHS Shakesbears also swept 1st place in Interpretation Categories (Humorous, Dramatic, and Duo). These are events in which actors can qualify for nationals.
  • KHS Shakesbears placed in every event in which they went to finals. They entered 8 events, and succeeded to finals for six events.
  • First-time competitors—Sara Scott, Tayla Eaton, Devina Melin, and Serabella Jones—all earned a place in the finals in Readers Theatre.
  • KHS Shakesbears’ performances this weekend solidifies several actors in the top tier in Alaska:
    • Derek Rocheleau, ranked #1 in Dramatic Interpretation
    • Felix Lewis, ranked #1 in Humorous Interpretation
    • Maryssa Abston, ranked #2 in Dramatic Interpretation
    • Wetherleigh Griffin, ranked #4 in Dramatic Interpretation
    • Acacia Birbilas, ranked #7 in Humorous Interpretation
    • Alli Hartt, ranked #8 in Humorous Interpretation
    • Acacia Birbilas, ranked #9 in Dramatic Interpretation
    • Acacia Birbilas and Wetherleigh Griffin, ranked #10 in Duo Interpretation
    • Felix Lewis, ranked #11 in Dramatic Interpretation
    • Krista Simpler, ranked #11 in Humorous Interpretation

The Shakesbears will compete next at Service High DDF tournament on January 31, and then at state in Juneau on Feb. 13.