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From the Board Room: FY18 preliminary budget on docket for April 24


April 11, 2017 
From the Board Room: FY18 preliminary budget on docket for April 24
By Noelle H. Lowery

It has been a long road through the FY18 budget process for Kodiak Island Borough School District, but the end is in sight. KIBSD Business Manager Sandy Daws received direction from the Board of Education during its work session on April 10 to prepare the FY18 budget for board approval at the April 24 regular meeting.

KIBSD’s FY18 budget process began on January 23. Based on initial estimates of revenue from federal, state and local sources, KIBSD’s FY18 budget revenue was projected at $46,477,444, requiring a targeted reduction of $918,367 over the FY17 budget.
During February and March, the BOE heard from all departments and schools on possible reductions. First were the Technology, Finance Department and Maintenance & Operations departments. Next were the town school principals and the Rural Schools principal and assistant principal. Finally, AKTEACH, ELAP, Special Education, Instruction/Staff Development, Student School Support and the Office of the Assistant Superintendent made their presentations.

At the March 20 regular BOE meeting, a preliminary budget spreadsheet with a reduction of $553,421— $364,846 short of the $918,367 target — was presented to board members. Some reductions in the budget spreadsheet included:
  • $140,152 for classified staff overtime
  • $80,296 for certificated staff salaries moving to grant funding
  • $38,045 for transportation allowances
  • $45,185 for staff travel from East, North Star and Peterson elementary schools, along with the Finance and Maintenance departments
  • $465,497 for utilities 
  • $470,223 for supplies and materials with the largest reduction coming from the Technology Department in the amount of $241,705
  • $155,835 for equipment
  • $61,600 in additional reductions throughout various departments
However, these reductions were partially offset by the following budget increases:
  • $199,836 for classified staff wages to cover current positions/salary movement 
  • $696,303 for employee benefits 
  • $30,273 for professional services, moving grant funds from salaries to professional services. 
Additionally, the district administration and directors presented budgets that included increases in staff salaries; transportation, staff and village student travel allowances; supplies and materials; and equipment and building improvements.

The remaining overall budget shortfall jumped from $364,846 to $1,264,846 during the recent KIB work session, when the Borough Manager presented his preliminary budget to the borough assembly. That budget showed a $900,000 reduction in local contribution to KIBSD.

As such, KIBSD’s administrative team is facing further possible budget reductions. The team is discussing the following to accommodate the necessary budget cuts: consolidation of administrative positions; consolidation of Central Office positions; elimination of an unfilled .5 FTE certificated position; reviewing the pupil/teacher ratio at the secondary level; exploring virtual resources for in-service; and reducing staff travel.

Once the preliminary budget is presented and approved by the BOE, it will be submitted to the KIB Assembly by May 1. According to Alaska State Statute, a borough school board must submit the district budget for the coming year to the borough assembly for approval of the total budget amount by May 1 of each year. The borough assembly must respond within 30 days with the total amount of money to be made available from local sources for district purposes, and by June 30, the amount from local sources for district funding will be officially appropriated.

For more information about the KIBSD budget process, please visit the Finance Department web page at