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From the Board Room: Preliminary FY18 budget review


February 9, 2017

From the Board Room: Preliminary FY18 budget review
By Noelle H. Lowery

And so it begins.

During the Jan. 23 regular meeting of the Kodiak Island Borough School District Board of Education, the district’s FY18 preliminary budget was presented by KIBSD Business Manager Sandy Daws. The bottomline: KIBSD is focused on reducing its overall non-personnel budget for FY18 by $918,367 over its current FY17 budget.

The KIBSD budget process is based on the district’s Strategic Plan. Developed in Fall 2015, the current Strategic Plan provides a three-year guide for the district’s goals and priorities. Community stakeholders also take part in various strategy sessions throughout the year focused on comprehensive needs assessments, which incorporate qualitative and quantitative data that is paired with individual school and district-wide plans to create a starting point for further development and revision to strategic initiatives.
The budget process also has a continuous improvement component. A proposed budget is presented in January set by projected enrollment figures. Budget hearings are held January through March, and in April, the KIBSD BOE approves a budget to be presented to the Kodiak Borough Assembly, and the Borough must approve an annual appropriation within 30 days, per state statute. If the local appropriation differs from the district’s funding request, the BOE will approve an adjusted budget before submitting it to the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development in July.

The key to this year’s budget process is public engagement. First are the public departmental budget presentations given by operations directors and managers with the assistance of Daws. These departmental presentations will continue through March during BOE meetings. There also will be a public community forum on March 22 prior to presenting the budget to the KIB Assembly. Time and location are being determined, and will be included on KIBSD’s online district calendar.
The departmental presentations began with the Feb. 6 BOE work session, and the Technology, Maintenance/Facilities, Auditorium and Finance/Shipping/Receiving/Purchasing departments were on the docket. During the Feb. 20 regular BOE meeting, the site budgets will be considered, including all four town elementary schools, Kodiak Middle School, Kodiak High School and the village/rural schools. During the March 6 work session, the budgets for AKTEACH, Quality Schools, ELAP, Special Education Services, BOE/Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent offices, Curriculum/Staff Development and Student School Support will be introduced for discussion.

The community is invited and encouraged to attend the remaining departmental presentations and public forum.
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