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2019/2020 Performance Season Announced

Welcome to the beginning of the 2019/2020 year, and the beginning of the 9th season of the Kodiak Orchestras!

            This year we have some big events coming up, and most of them have already been added to the calendar. You may peruse for details on your own time, but the three public performances this year are as follows:

Tuesday 11/19/19 7:00pm | Orchestra Fall Concert | Wilson Auditorium

Tuesday 2/11/20 7:00pm | Orchestra: Night at the Pops | KHS Gymnasium

Tuesday 4/28/20 7:00pm | Orchestra Spring Concert | Wilson Auditorium

            More event dates will be added during the coming weeks, but those three performances will feature all members of the Kodiak Orchestras and will not change.

            The season will officially kick off on Saturday, 9/14/19 when the KIBSD Music Department Faculty will present their annual faculty recital. All of the dates will be presented to the public during this performance.

            To keep up to date, either check back here or give us a like over at our Facebook. Thanks for your time, and we can’t wait to see you at our first event!

Mr. Muelling
(907) 486-7515