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Welcome Back!

It doesn’t seem possible that the school year is flying by so quickly - and that it’s 2019 already!


January has a lot of excitement in store, and we hope you’ll find a way to be a part of the action. Remember, children whose families are involved in their education are much more likely to finish high school, and continue with further education or training (which lead to increased job opportunities for them in the future).


Starting this month, our entire school will begin to focus on our first ever school musical, Disney’s The Lion King. Ms. Pedersen-Smith will hold auditions for the principal roles in the play (every student will have a part), and the students will begin to learn the music. Our Artist in Residence, Erica Ross, will be working with teachers to explore the lifestyles of the African animals represented in the play, and plan how to support the students in making their costumes for the play. It’s going to be an amazing learning opportunity for our kids - AND teachers!