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Navigator News April 14, 2020

The Jungle Book

Date Change!!!

Wednesday, April 22nd, 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM

Broadcast over radio station KMXT, 101.1 FM

1.Tune in to the radio station a few minutes before the show. Turn up the volume! Kids, get ready on your deck or porch, or in your front yard (if possible). We hope to have it filmed from above (with a drone), a community event!

2. Ms. Pedersen-Smith will introduce, narrate, and “direct” the show.

3. When the music starts, your student will sing and dance along with the music.

4. Please take photos and videos, and if you’re willing, share them with Ms. Pedersen-Smith. Her email address is

5. We plan to make (and share) a video of all the videos and photos we receive.

6. You are welcome to make simple costumes - maybe paint on a t-shirt, or something with paper, eyeliner whiskers, whatever makes them feel awesome!

Music and lyrics will be available from your child’s teacher



School contact for general information will continue via Facebook and email.

Evening Help Desk From 4:00-8:00 PM 486-7559

Translator Help Desk (Tagalog & Spanish) From 8:00 AM -8:00 PM 486-7568

KIBSD Nurse Desk From 8:00 AM -3:30 PM 486-7470

Technology Helpline From 8:00 AM -3:30 PM 486-7587

Counseling Office Hours with Mr. Foreman From 1:00-3:00 PM KIBSD cell 907-654-4852  BlueJeans link


Week 3 of Remote Instruction

Slow and Steady!

  • Instruction will be focused on standards the students have already been taught.
  • The same standards will be addressed for our digital learners (who will access lessons designed and delivered by a teacher) and non-digital learners (who use the copied packets).
  • Teachers will provide guidance for accessing their lessons on their digital platform. Stay tuned!
  • Teachers and aides will continue to connect with students and families according to the schedules they have built with your input.
  • Please be sure to share how things are going, including your challenges, with your child’s teacher.

We’re in this together!


Non-digital Resources

If you requested a copy of the learning packet to be sent to your home:

  • The copying was completed on Friday afternoon (we had to use the Central Office, since we can’t access the copy machines at North Star).
  • You will probably not receive the packet until Tuesday (I’m very sorry for the delay in delivery).
  • Until then, you can still access the same packet digitally - check with your child’s teacher if you’re not sure how.


Supplies for Families

Many families need basic supplies like paper and pencils.

Supplies have been ordered, and the district will begin to assemble supply bags later in the week.

Updates about how they will be delivered will be shared as soon as possible. 


KIBSD Website

  • GREAT information about the coronavirus and COVID-19
  • Online Learning resources that have been approved by our team
  • Daily blog Learn.Together.Kodiak written by Malcolm Bennett, with high interest stories about ways people are learning to deal with our unprecedented circumstances. 


From Ms. Victoria:

Scholastic Book Fair!

Order books to be delivered directly to your home! Check out the PTA link.


Books from the Public Library!

You can reserve and check out books from the Kodiak Public Library. This link will show you how (thanks to Brittany Fredricson for sharing)



  • Breakfast and Lunch deliveries  continue, schedule attached
  • Menu for the week of April 13th is attached
  • For ANY children ages 1-18
  • Weekend meals will be provided on Saturdays! They’ll be available to pick up at the High School.



Internet Services for Families


ACS  or call 800-808-8083

Our local providers are ready to help if you need internet service.



Contacting Teachers

Please respect the need for teachers to disengage from teaching after school hours. Messages will be returned as soon as possible!



The re-enrollment process for next year is currently on hold. Please wait for an update, which I hope will be available this week. Thanks!


As the weeks of remote instruction go on, some of our students may react in unhealthy ways to the isolation.  Mr. Foreman can be a resource! KIBSD cell 907-654-4852