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Cherrydale Fall Fundraiser

Our annual Cherrydale Fall Fundraiser has started! This important fundraiser helps pay for field trip buses, books in the classroom, family wellness activities, student enrichment programs, and much more!

Here are a few important reminders:

  • Participation in fundraising activities is voluntary. 
  • Main Elementary expects all students who participate in fundraising activities to represent the school in a responsible manner. All rules regarding student conduct extend to student fundraising activities.
  • Any door to door fundraising should be done with a parent and only to homes of neighbors and friends. Please do not allow your child to sell to strangers!
  • All money must be collected at the time of the sale. Please make checks payable to Main Elementary.
  • It is important that parents oversee sales in order to assure that money is handled correctly and the order forms are filled out with full name and telephone number of the customer. This information needs to be legible.
  • A parent needs to remain involved when the orders arrive, making sure that everyone gets what they ordered and paid for. 
  • Parents are encouraged to take the Cherrydale fundraiser catalog to work or to meetings in order to seek support of co-workers and friends.
  • Orders are due by Monday, September 30, 2019.

 Thank you for your help and participation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school office at 486-2100.