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Online school beginning Monday!

Hello to all choir and piano students and parents -

I am already missing face-to-face contact and doing music with students! And I am looking forward to seeing you via video or talking on the telephone soon.

Here are instructions for you for Monday morning:

1. Check this choir website first to see if there are any changes to the plan for Monday morning.

2. Log in to PowerSchool glance through your class pages to see what each of your classes is doing for the day.

3. If there are technical difficulties with PowerSchool, email me.

4. Log in to Bluejeans during our regularly scheduled Monday choir or piano class time. (Use the meeting ID you received in class before Spring Break.)

5. If there are technical difficulties with Bluejeans, email me.

6. If you have any questions, email me.

7. I will be available for you every day during regularly scheduled class times.  High school students can also send me a quick message for short questions.

8. If you have a long, detailed question, please email me.

9. I can call you back (include your phone number in the email), meet in Bluejeans during class times, or email you back, whichever you prefer. Please specify how you want me to contact you when you email me.

10. Take care - UR<3D - Mrs. Beck