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Rotary Youth Merit Award

Group photo of Rotary Youth Merit Award recipients


During a special luncheon, the Kodiak Rotary Club awarded five Kodiak Middle School students with the Rotary Youth Merit Award. This award recognizes students for services to their community and classmates, leadership qualities, and academic achievements.


Students who received the Rotary Youth Merit Award for quarter two of the 2017-2018 school year include:


John Lailanie Levick, Grade 8
The 8th-grade staff at KMS are proud to honor Lailanie Levick with the Rotary Youth Merit Award. Lailanie was selected for this award based on not only her academic achievements but more importantly the positive characteristics that she exemplifies every day. She is an excellent student both in and out of the classroom. She not only loves to learn in school but understands the value of learning by being involved in extracurricular activities such as after-school orchestra and drama club. In her free time, Lailanie's hobbies include reading, drawing, and occasionally writing. These interests have encouraged her to establish the ambitious goal of going to college to double-major in both Music and English, and eventually become a teacher. In addition, she has also shown interest in pursuing a career working with any type of ‘world-changing organization’ in the future.


Kent Fortaliza, Grade 7
The 7th-grade team would like to recognize Kent Fortaliza as the Rotary Youth Merit Award recipient for Quarter 2 at Kodiak Middle School. Kent is a spectacular person. He is consistently caring, hardworking, and positive. In class, Kent never lets difficult problems frustrate him. Instead, he carefully finds a way to solve the problem. He is also always helpful towards other students. He is a quiet leader who leads by acting rather than by telling. The 7th-grade team is pleased to honor Kent with this award.


Mariael Madriaga, Grade 7
The 7th-grade team would like to recognize Mariael Madriaga as the Rotary Youth Merit Award recipient for Quarter 2 at Kodiak Middle School. Mariael has lived in Kodiak her entire life and attended both North Star and East for elementary before joining us at Kodiak Middle School. She stands out among her peers as a kind, hardworking, dependable, and resilient student who is always willing to lend a helping hand or be a friend to others. She not only strives to do her best academically but also goes above and beyond to be polite to others and brighten her teachers’ and classmates’ day. Mariael is recognized by her teachers as a student who can always be trusted to be fair and honest, and who does not shy away from challenges. When asked what Mariael wanted others to know about her, she responded, “There is always someone there for you when you are going through the good, bad, and ugly parts of your life.” In her free time, Mariael enjoys cleaning, reading, and playing with her younger sister, Micah. She also enjoys playing basketball and volleyball in both PE and outside of school. Mariael is currently in treble choir at Kodiak Middle School and enjoys singing at church. Mariael is very active in her church, River of Life, and she even voluntarily leads a bible study group a couple days per week during lunch time with her friends and peers. Mariael has proven to be an integral part of the student body at Kodiak Middle School and we are very fortunate to have her here at KMS.


C.J. Ancheta, Grade 6
KMS 6th-grade teachers are honored to award C.J. Ancheta with the Rotary Youth Merit Award for Quarter 2. He makes his family proud, as he has stood out this year as being a respectful and responsible young man who gives his full effort to school. C.J. is being recognized for his strong character, highlighted by his work ethic, dependability and classroom leadership. He is also humble and gracious, and recognizes the contributions of friends and family who have helped him find success in school and life. The highlight of his school day is orchestra class because he “can play beautiful music with his classmates”. C.J.’s biggest accomplishment to date is learning to love reading. He hopes to someday build and program robots, and enjoys participating in spring soccer league. KMS is lucky to have this well rounded young man making our school a better place.


Alyssa Valladolid-Agmata, Grade 6
Alyssa Valladolid-Agmata, a sixth grader at KMS, has been selected as the Rotary Student of the Quarter. Her teachers all agree that Alyssa is a hardworking, positive, and caring student. She is a wonderful example to her peers and is always looking for ways to help others. After school, she participates in Yearbook Club and Student Council. Her favorite class is Choir because she enjoys the concerts and singing songs from different cultures. Someday she aspires to be a professional chef or a famous singer. Alyssa always seems to be smiling and brings a joyful, positive presence to any room. Her advice to others is “to try your hardest.” The 6th-grade team is pleased to honor Alyssa with this award.