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Rotary Youth Merit Award

 Group photo of Rotary Youth Merit Award recipients.jpg


During a special luncheon, the Kodiak Rotary Club awarded five Kodiak Middle School students with the Rotary Youth Merit Award. This award recognizes students for services to their community and classmates, leadership qualities, and academic achievements.


Students who received the Rotary Youth Merit Award for quarter one of the 2017-2018 school year include:


Allah Baisa - Grade 7
Alliah Baisa is an industrious, studious, and positive 7th grader. She moved to Kodiak from the Philippines two years ago where she participated in volleyball and hip-hop dancing. In Kodiak, she enjoys playing basketball and volleyball. In her free time, Alliah draws and experiments with color in her art. She is an avid reader of many different genres including fantasy, romance, and biographies. Her teachers and peers appreciate her thoughtfulness, kindness, and respect. She studies hard and figures out different strategies in order to learn that she shares with her fellow students. She is always positive and eager to engage and learn new material in her classes. In the future, Alliah would like to explore the careers of art and education, perhaps becoming a teacher.


Zach Baker - Grade 7
Zach Baker, a seventh-grader at Kodiak Middle School, was selected as the Rotary Student of the Quarter unanimously by his teachers. Zach was given this award because of his positive and encouraging character both in and out of the classroom. He is an excellent role model for other students. He is always polite to both his teachers and peers and goes out of his way to make others feel welcome and accepted. On a daily basis, Zach is responsible and works hard to get the job, whatever it may be, done. Zach’s favorite class is art with Ms. Karly because he enjoys creating things. When he’s not at school, he might be building with Legos, reading Stephen King novels, or playing video games. He’s unsure what he wants to do in the future, but has thought of the military.


Angelika Fangonilo - 8th Grade
The 8th-grade team nominates Angelika Fangonilo as the Rotary Youth Merit Award winner. Angelika is a dedicated student who practices diligence in completing her work not only on time, but with attention to detail. Angelika also is helpful to her peers socially and academically. She was recently elected and serves as the KMS Student Council President. She has participated on the KMS Girls Basketball Team. Angelika has a quick smile and is well liked by her peers. These characteristics embody the spirit of the Rotary Youth Merit Award and the 8th-grade team is pleased to recognize Angelika and her hard work.


Briseis Mercado - Grade 6
Briseis Mercado, a sixth grader at Kodiak Middle School, has been selected as the Rotary Student of the Quarter by her teachers. Briseis was voted for this award because of her positive character in the classroom, caring personality, and thoughtful attitude towards school and others. She always puts her best foot forward, whether it’s taking notes or working on a large project. Her kind spirit is seen every day in her interactions with her peers. She says that she enjoys reading, listening to music, and drawing. Someday she wants to put her drawing skills to work and be an animator. Language Arts is her favorite subject because she enjoys writing. Her advice to others is “to never give up!”


Tiaya Ford-Roberts - Grade 6
Tiaya Ford-Roberts is being recognized by her 6th-grade teachers for her outstanding character. She is always willing to help others, she stands up for herself and others, and she is a good citizen. She enjoys reading and sketching. She loves books and hopes to become a lawyer one day. Her advice to others is "keep your head up" and we can see she lives by these words because she always works hard, does her best, and has a positive attitude. We are proud to recognize Tiaya Ford-Roberts with this Rotary award.