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KIBSD secondary grades move back to 0-100%, A- F grade scale

Starting on Monday, October 2, Kodiak High, Middle, and Rural Schools’ students will once again be graded on the familiar 0-100 scale and receive A-F grades instead of the current four-point scale.  This change will apply to all class work, homework, projects, quizzes, and tests.


The process for this change began during the summer when it became clear that the current grading system was confusing for most stakeholders and that a change was being called for by a majority of people.


A focus group of secondary teachers was then brought together by Superintendent Dr. LeDoux where they shared their perspective of grading and the difficulties inherent to the current system. They also focused on the importance of keeping standards but making grading more understandable.


Additional staff meetings were held along with a community forum on September 19 which welcomed 75 parents and community members.  During the forum, it was made clear that parents felt the switch was important for both the student and the parent.


The following link will provide you with information on changes to the grading process, along with the timeline of implementation.  Please contact the school office with any questions or concerns. 


KIBSD Secondary Grading Scale and Implementation Timeline