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KIBSD students honored by Kodiak USCG Auxiliary

KIBSD students honored by Kodiak USCG Auxiliary
By Noelle H. Lowery

During the April regular meeting of the Kodiak Island Borough Board of Education, the Kodiak United State Coast Guard Auxiliary was there to hand out awards to KIBSD students who won the annual “Kids Don’t Float” poster contest.
USCG auxiliaries around the country sponsor the annual poster contest which challenges elementary and middle school students to help teach water safety skills like wearing a life jacket through art. In Alaska,“Kids Don't Float” has become a statewide injury prevention program that was developed to address Alaska's high child and youth drowning rate.
According to the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, drowning remains one of the top five causes of unintentional injury death in Alaska for persons aged 1‒74 years, and between 2013-2015, it was the leading cause of unintentional injury death among children aged 0–9 years.
In a collaborative effort between several state and federal agencies, organizations and local grass-roots sponsors, “Kids Don't Float” includes life jacket loaner board and educational components. The Kodiak Flotilla has placed a number of red and white boxes near boat ramps around the island, allowing residents and visitors alike to borrow infant, child, youth or adult life jackets before they head out to enjoy the water.
The KIBSD winners of the Kodiak Flotilla’s 2017 “Kids Don’t Float” contest were as follows:
  • Kindergarten - Moses Kiely (first place) and Priscilla Agonoy (second place), both in Melissa Griffin’s class at East Elementary
  • 2nd Grade - Donny Kettenacker (first place, Erica Thompson’s class at Peterson Elementary) and Alana Martinez (second place, Margaret Coons’ class at Main Elementary)
  • 4th Grade - Tristan Diesta (first place, Cliff Gertz’s class at Main Elementary)
  • 5th Grade - Leslie Alonzo (second place, Kate Shoemaker’s class at Main Elementary)
  • 6th Grade - Willem Huntley (first place) and Elan Hilty (second place), both in Karly Gundersen’s Class at Kodiak Middle School
  • 7th Grade - Naomi Griffin (first place) and Shawn Case (second place), both in Gundersen’s class at KMS
  • 8th Grade - Acacia Birbilas (first place) and Alexis Oskolkoff (second place), both in Gundersen’s class at KMS
Winners of the participation prizes included:
  • Sophie Tickett from Nicholas Blanco’s fifth-grade class at Larsen Bay
  • Nadia Anderson from Martha Sager’s second-grade class at Ouzinkie School
  • Alex Nelson from Becky Griffin’s fifth-grade class at Port Lions
  • Olive Jackson from Kelly Longrich’s second-grade class at North Star Elementary
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