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Daily Bulletin Thursday, October 29

December 2nd ASVAB Registration Now Open The ASVAB test is going to be offered on Wednesday December 2nd at 8:30am. This FREE test is used for military branch entrance. It is also used for identifying career specific skill strengths for students. Please stop by the counseling office to sign up. Space is limited.

Kodiak High School open Co-Ed basketball will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Doors will be open from 7 AM to 7:05 AM. Players must have masks to enter. Each player must arrive at 7 AM, wear a mask, bring your own water bottle, and court shoes, and stay in the gym until 8:10 AM.

Kodiak High School coed volleyball student rosters and team names need to be given to Miss Deb by Wednesday, October 28. Masks are required to play; no sharing of water bottles. Games will be played during lunch and after school; the game schedule be placed on Miss Deb‘s office door. a list of students Temperature checks are required. There will be a Christmas tournament during the last week of Christmas break. See Ms. Rohrer for more information.

December SAT Registration is November 5th The deadline for the December 5th SAT is November 5th. Stop by the counseling office to request a fee waiver if you are eligible. Registration is done through students' CollegeBoard account at

December ACT Registration is November 6th The deadline for registering for the December 12th ACT is November 6th. Please stop by the counseling office to request a fee waiver if you need one. Registration can be done at

COVID Precautions: Reminder Wearing a mask and social distancing aren't fun, but they are still important. Even though not everyone is at high risk for COVID, we all risk getting the virus and spreading it to others – possibly without even realizing we’re sick. If we want school to stay open and people to stay healthy, we all have a responsibility to stay six feet from others and wear our masks properly at all times. These small actions make a big difference in helping us stay in green!

Mr. Lhotka's lessons will be cancelled the rest of this week. Lessons will resume on Monday, November 2. Ms. Clarks' lessons will continue as scheduled.

Federal Impact Aid Forms Students: You should all have received a Federal Impact Aid Form in your Advisory class. If you did not, please check with your Advisory teacher. If you do not have an Advisory or if you lost your form or need a replacement for any reason, please come to the Main Office. KHS is REQUIRED to have a signed form from EVERY KHS student, regardless of status. Please return the completed, signed form to your Advisory teacher or the Main Office as soon as possible. This is very important. Thank you for your help! P.S. All Advisory classes with a 100% return rate by Friday, November 6th will receive an Ice-Cream/Otter-Pop party!

Spirit points! It’s a close race!! Sophomores 34; Staff 52; Seniors 53; Freshmen 54; Juniors 59;

Reminder: There are three entrances open at 8:10 AM (the main front doors, auditorium doors, and the door by Mill Bay Road). If you arrive after 8:30 AM, you will need to use the main front doors.

KHS Spirt Week October 26-30 Monday: PJ day; Tuesday: Troll Crazy hair day; Wednesday: Ghost day; Thursday: Avatar Elements Day; Friday: Costume day.

Lunch today is Salmon Salad Sandwich, Vegetable, Fresh Fruit, Milk

KHS is committed to equal opportunities for all individuals, because at KHS, everyone belongs. We are all different, which is great because we are all unique. Without diversity life would be very boring. (Catherine Pulsifer) We have so much to learn from each other; take time today to appreciate different perspectives than your own.