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Letter from Superintendent LeDoux and Principal Hecht

October 27, 2020

Dear KIBSD Community:

Recently, the District was notified that an individual at Kodiak High School has tested positive for COVID-19.  As members of the school community, we understand this raises concerns, along with care for the individuals affected.  It is with his permission and encouragement that we are able to share that the affected individual is KHS Principal Neil Hecht.  We are fortunate to report that, thanks to Mr. Hecht’s swift and deliberate efforts to adhere to Public Health and KIBSD protocols regarding COVID-19, Kodiak High School is not at risk of exposure to this positive case.  As you will see from his statement below, Mr. Hecht took critical steps to ensure that KHS and the District were not put at risk, including staying home when sick, monitoring for COVID-related symptoms, and coordinating prompt COVID-19 testing when appropriate:

“On Wednesday, October 21st, I became aware that I may have been in close contact with someone that was exhibiting COVID-like symptoms.  My children and I stayed out of the Kodiak High School building starting on Thursday, October 22.  On Thursday and Friday, while following protocols, we received two negative COVID-19 tests.  I was confident that we did not impact the safe operation of Kodiak High School after receiving the negative results on Thursday and Friday.

It is important to share that due to the planning that KIBSD has been working on and the protocols that public health and KIBSD have developed, we made a personal decision to stay out of the building, even though we were negative.

On Tuesday, October 27th, I received a positive test for COVID-19.  I shared my story with the Kodiak High School Faculty and Staff as a way to explain the importance of taking precautions when you feel sick or are around someone with symptoms, and each person has different levels of symptoms and illness.

Another reason I share my story with everyone and gave up a little bit of my personal privacy, is to send the message to the community to take COVID-19 seriously.  Also, do not hesitate to take precautions out of a perceived stigma of what others may think about you for being positive, the overall health of our community is just that important. 

I am extremely pleased that our protocols worked and Kodiak High School remains open for the education of our students.  We are still open in the ‘Green’.

Educationally yours,

Neil Hecht

Principal Kodiak High School”

Together with our partners, the Alaska Department of Public Health, the Emergency Services Council, and the KIBSD Medical Advisory Committee, we continue to monitor the well-being of our schools.  As a community, we can work together to keep our school doors open to students during these uncertain times.  Remember to maintain social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and stay Kodiak Strong. 


Larry LeDoux