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The KHS Shakesbears' podcast "Jared Talks to Teens" is now available online!

The KHS Shakesbears' podcast "Jared Talks to Teens" is now available online!

Last month, the KHS Shakesbears received a $1500 grant from the Spirit of Youth Alaska, as part of the COVID-19 Youth Messaging initiative, to produce content intended to promote positive and healthy behaviors and habits during the COVID-19 pandemic. That's why you'll see the hashtag--#akyouthcombatcovid--connected to their project.

The Shakesbears' idea was to create a comedy improv and interview podcast called "Jared Talks to Teens," in which Shakesbears' coach Jared Griffin interviews teens and other quirky characters that the Shakesbears have created about their lives. The cross-generational results are hilarious!

The first three episodes are available online now, with a fourth one to be uploaded this week. Fans of improv comedy podcasts such as "Comedy Bang Bang" will enjoy "Jared Talks to Teens".

The Shakesbears are excited to bring this different form of theatre to the Kodiak and Alaska public during the pandemic.  After the pandemic closed their school building and canceled their other theatre projects in March, they have since hosted a digital playwriting contest for kids, produced a Showcase of their award-winning performances on Zoom that raised over $1000, competed in two nationwide virtual tournaments, and held theatre watch parties online.

The Shakesbears recorded their podcast at KMXT Radio Kodiak Alaska, whose staff generously gave time and equipment to record and edit the podcast, so they are also learning practical skills related to producing, sound engineering, and sound editing, in addition to writing, characterization, and storytelling strategies.

They plan to produce one episode per week for the remainder of the summer, which will be posted on the Jared Talks to Teens website and available soon on Apple's itunes. Listeners can subscribe to the podcast from the website on their mobile device, which will send each podcast episode to their podcast app.