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End of Year Parent Survey



Dear KHS Families,

Kodiak High School and Kodiak Island Borough School District are requesting parent feedback regarding the successes and failure of Online learning. We want to know what worked well and what was an epic failure. Please click on the link below and complete the short five question survey.  The questions are listed below.

  1. Overall, online learning worked well for my child. (rate 1-5 stars)
  2. What specifically worked well with online learning?
  3. What specifically did not work well with online learning
  4. In the event we would have to start the 2020-2021 school year online, what specific needs do you anticipate for your child to be successful?
  5. In the event we would have to move to online learning in the future, what specifically needs to be done differently.

KHS End of Year Parent Survey Link

The link will close on May 27th. Your student’s Advisory teacher will also follow up with a phone call between May 20th and 27th.

Your comments, thoughts, and suggestions are valuable. We will gather the information and use it to help develop our plans for the fall start of next school year.


Thank you for your help.



Kodiak High School Administration

Mel LeVan, Principal

Joyce Blair, Assistant Principal

Neil Hecht, Assistant Principal