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Whale Watch News February 3, 2020

Upcoming Events:

February 4th at 7:00 – District Spelling Bee

February 7th at 10:00 – 5th grade DARE Graduation

February 17th – Snow Make-Up Day

February 20th at 5:30 – PTA Meeting

Learning about Conscious Discipline

The Power of Perception

On the Conscious Discipline website, there is a webinar to learn more about the Power of Perception.

Our perception of others and situations dictates how we respond. Holding the perception children who talk back are disrespectful will trigger one response, while seeing the child in the moment as needing help with social skills will elicit another response. How do we get these perceptions and is it possible to change them?

Healthy relationships require we own our own upset. Becoming consciously aware of our triggers allows us to practice composure and change our perceptions. In discipline situations our perception determines whether we punish and blame the child or teach new skills. When we are triggered into an emotional state, we can actively calm yourself, choose a new perception and respond in a helpful way rather than react from old unhealthy pre-programmed messages.

GeoBee Winners


1st place - Cooper Smith

2nd place – Samantha Gali

3rd place – Melvin Martinez

4th place – Isabelle Christescu

School Climate and Connectedness Family Survey

We want to know what you think about East Elementary. Your input will help us to identify what we are doing well & what we need to work on.

All responses to the survey will be anonymous & confidential.  Thank you for your support!

East survey link.