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Old Harbor Swim Trip by Clair Taylor


This year, 4th-7th grade students from Old Harbor School fundraised and received donations to go on a class swim trip to Kodiak. Everyone had multiple opportunities to learn and have fun, including: horseback riding, a farm tour, visiting the Baronof museum, Fish and Wildlife Center, and getting a tour of the Kodiak College. This trip is one that students will remember for the rest of their lives.


We stayed at the Kodiak Baptist Mission and enjoyed a farm tour and horseback riding. An employee of the Kodiak Baptist Mission gave us a farm tour. We got to see horses, cows, chickens, goats, ducks, and pigs. Then we got to go horseback riding. We learned about safety procedures before riding and learned how to control and ride the horse. The Baptist Mission had lots of interesting activities that we got to experience. 


We also visited the Baronof museum, where we learned about Alutiiq culture and history. There were many artifacts and pieces of art that helped us to imagine what life was like many years ago. Then we went to the Fish and Wildlife Center, where we learned about different creatures in the sea and how they are different from each other. We also got to identify different types of whales and fish and play games that educated us further. Both museums were experiences that taught us a lot about our past and our future.


The tour of the college gave us was an experience that we could use in the future and that we could share with fellow students. We got an authentic experience of what it is like to be in college and what opportunities we could have to learn about our future. Overall, we learned about how to figure out what we want to do and where to do it.


We call this trip our “swim trip” so, of course, we went swimming.  During our lessons we learned how to recover and float if we ever happened to fall into the water.  We also learned the freestyle stroke, the breast stroke, and how to breathe while we are swimming. We also got to enjoy to open swim sessions in the evening where we got to practice what we had learned.


Overall the swim trip was a fun and educational experience for everyone.  Miss Leinberger, a chaperone on the trip, said “I would definitely chaperone again, and I also had a marvelous swim trip experience when I was kid that I will never forget. Saelah Berns, a fourth-grade student on the trip, said “My favorite part about the trip was horse riding. I have always liked horses. This was my very first swim trip, and I can’t wait for the next one!”


Thank you to the Old Harbor School, Old Harbor Native Corporation, and the community of Old Harbor for making this trip possible.


Old Harbor Swim Trip Group Photo


Students on the beach


Old Harbor student holding marine life