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Larsen Bay students expand their learning environment.

Until recently, Larsen Bay School had one small welding booth that could only accommodate one student at a time.  As the number of welders at the school increased, students had to do what village folks do- they got a little creative.


Under the guidance of Mr. Cavan, students expanded the welding area and constructed a new welding bench with materials provided by the Rural Schools office.


To finish the project, on-site welding teacher Mr. Blanco encouraged students to use reclaimed materials found locally.  This is a practice that has served Mr. Blanco well as he continues building a lodge and outbuildings using salvaged wood and reclaimed materials on the DIY show Building Alaska.  Students were able to find the materials they needed to complete the project, with the exception of the safety curtains, which they got in the cast-off pile of the local cannery.


Thanks to their hard work and dedication to learning the craft, students now have a new space that allows multiple students to weld together.  This addition has greatly increased their hands-on learning time and their ability to complete more projects.


Larsen Bay Student Welding


New Larsen Bay welding table


Larsen Bay welding students and their teacher in front of new welding station