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Letter to KIBSD Employees from Superintendent LeDoux April 10, 2020

April 10, 2020

Dear KIBSD Employees:

I write to you in the hopes that you are in good health and positive spirits. While not unexpected, Governor Dunleavy announced yesterday the closure of all Alaska public and private schools through the end of the current school year. While this news weighs heavy on the heart, it does not change why we are here. The Kodiak Island Borough School District has been preparing to enter this new phase. We will pause, adjust, and move forward when needed in order to continue delivering education and support to our students. We will continue to miss the laughter through the school halls, and personal interaction with our students and peers, but we can be proud that we are doing our part to stop the spread of this pandemic.

There are many things to celebrate at this time. The District has successfully reached the end of two weeks in hunker down mode. Teachers have delivered home instruction to students. Administrators continue to develop plans in our ever-changing climate. Many of you have altered work schedules and taken on tasks outside of your normal responsibilities. Each of you contributes to our educational accomplishments, building the foundation that is critical to the continued operation of our School District, no matter how out of the ordinary it looks at this time. 

While our goal is to continue instruction, it is the willingness to reach out and lend a helping hand that has been vital in this crisis. Each smile and positive interaction made with a student, a parent, or a peer, works to boost spirits in more ways than you can imagine. The staff of the Kodiak Island Borough School District is positively contributing to the health of the Kodiak community.

I know many of you have anxiety or stress for the unknown, and concern for the health of yourself and your families. Crisis can weigh heavily on emotional health. Yet you are able to remain cheerful and upbeat. Rest assured that administrators recognize that these are trying times, and appreciate all that you are doing. As we move forward to address the new challenges that seem to arrive daily, please keep your spirits up, and take time to find your balance. Continue to reach out to your coworkers, students, and the community. Know that we will do what we can to best support you and our students.

School District staff will continue planning as best they can, trying to anticipate new complications that will inevitably arise. We will meet these challenges and adapt thanks to the creativity, innovation, and the dedication of every staff member. Remember, we are in this together, and this is what our success is based upon. 

I have appreciated the emails and calls that staff have shared with me. Please continue to reach out and share your ideas. Be well and remain optimistic.

Best wishes to you, 

Larry LeDoux,