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Letter to Parents/Guardians from Superintendent LeDoux April 10, 2020



April 10, 2020 

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Yesterday evening, Governor Mike Dunleavy announced the difficult decision to extend the closure of all Alaska public and private schools for the remainder of this school year. This means our students will not be returning to their schools, their teachers, their friends. So, it seems we will be finishing the year online. You may need time to absorb this information, what it means for your children, and the changes it brings to their lives. While parents have assumed many new education-related responsibilities, children have lost daily contact with their friends, the stability and predictability of their time at school, and many of the end-of-year activities that they have waited the entire year to enjoy. Given this new information, principals will be working with staff and parents to determine end-of-year protocols such as conferences, access to materials left in classrooms, concerts, report cards and graduation.

On a positive note, you and your children have accomplished a great feat together. You may have missed a few lessons along the way. Frustrations and successes probably rose and fell with each day. Or even with each hour.  I trust you will build a rhythm that works for you and your household. Home instruction is demanding for many families. It can be stressful for those who still have to leave the house for work, or those that have multiple children to plan and care for. Like many new skills, this will improve with practice and time. I hope you were able to push forward through the rough moments and laugh about them once they were in the past.  Remember, you are not alone. The entire School District is here to assist you and cheer you on.

Have your kids had the chance to enjoy one of the wonderful free breakfasts or lunches provided by our always-cheerful cafeteria workers and volunteers? Our breakfast and lunch program is free to all children 1-18 every day for the rest of the school year. If you have needed to reach out to one of the District’s help lines for translation services, or tech support, I trust that you found people to be helpful and friendly. The dedication and enthusiasm of all District employees is what ensures our success as we move forward. Each employee, whether behind the scenes or teaching in front of an iPad, is committed to maintaining our system of education during this time of crisis.  Many have taken on new responsibilities or entirely new jobs in order to fill a need to care for our students and the health of the District.

The Kodiak Island Borough School District is strong and we will continue to stand by our staff, parents, students, and the residents of Kodiak. We will navigate through these difficult times together and look forward to celebrating in person when we are able. Please be patient with us as we plan and prepare to complete this school year in an unfamiliar way. We will communicate new information as soon as it is available. We will do this via email, the District website, and Facebook page. I encourage you to take a moment to read and share the new “Learn. Together. Kodiak.” by Malcolm Bennett, a series of insightful stories. As always, we recommend you contact KIBSD when needed.

Until we speak again, please have a relaxing weekend, enjoy the sunshine, and be safe.  Know that we are thinking of you and wishing you happiness and good health.

With hope,

Larry LeDoux,