Transcript Requests

  • Kodiak High School has partnered with Parchment as a transcript service. Parchment is a self-contained transcript service; it is secure and open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You can request transcripts be sent directly to the admissions office or location of your choice or for an unofficial self-view.

    *When creating your Parchment account, please use your personal e-mail address, NOT your school one*

    Former students:
    Requests for transcripts of former students must be made via Parchment.
    Current Students:
    Requests for transcripts of current students should be made via Parchment, via e-mail or in the counseling office.
    E-Mail requests must include the following information:
    Full name at the time of graduation
    Graduation year
    Date of Birth
    Address to send the transcript

    Request Transcripts link to Parchment

    Should you have additional questions regarding these processes during the school year, please contact the Kodiak High School Registrar.


    Summer Transcripts Request Information

    All requests will be approved and processed through KIBSD Central Office. If you have questions regarding these processes during the summer, please contact the Central Office.

    Kodiak High School Registrar
    Natalie Horn
    (907) 486-7434

    Central Office
    Jamie Butler
    (907) 486-7552