Superintendent Search

  • The Kodiak Island Borough School District (KIBSD) Board of Education (BOE) is conducting a local, statewide, and national search for an exceptional education leader interested in the position of Superintendent of the KIBSD. The BOE seeks a superintendent capable of maintaining a highly successful and award-winning educational system built on stewardship of core academic curricula and career technical education while promoting social and emotional learning, arts in education, and a progressive vision for education in the 21st century. Candidates should have a solid foundation in educational leadership with experience teaching in a K-12 classroom and experience incorporating culturally-aware curriculum. In addition, a candidate should be a clear and conscientious communicator and good listener capable of developing, supporting, and implementing complex educational programs. A successful candidate will be expected to work on state-wide educational issues while leading the administrative and academic efforts in the Kodiak Island Borough rural and town schools.

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    The KIBSD is a unique island school district serving a total of 2,437 students. There are four larger elementary schools, a middle school, and high school near the city of Kodiak; eight geographically isolated rural schools with between 7 and 34 students; and our AKTEACH program serves 112 correspondence students state-wide. The KIBSD serves a socially, ethnically, and economically diverse community with the third largest commercial fishing port, the largest resident seafood processing workforce, and the largest United States Coast Guard Base in the nation.

What it takes

  • The superintendent of such a diverse school district must, in addition to being capable of performing the duties of the superintendent position, possess a unique skillset capable of meeting the academic needs of all students. A successful candidate for superintendent will show the ability to:


    • be a stalwart advocate and spokesperson for the welfare and well-being of every student in the KIBSD;


    • work collaboratively and cooperatively with the BOE to develop, initiate, and execute an educational vision for the KIBSD and be an effective liaison among the BOE, administration, teachers, and support staff to promote that vision;


    • effectively communicate the educational priorities within the KIBSD while encouraging family and public community input, involvement, and buy-in of KIBSD goals and policies;


    • define and provide the full breadth of academic and career technical course offerings suitable for the diverse and culturally-rich student body found near the city of Kodiak and in rural locations of the KIBSD; 


    • maintain an effective and innovative instructional program that improves academic rigor in each school relative to State of Alaska and national standards;


    • determine the effectiveness of the instructional program through efficient, productive, and informative measurement of student achievement, and from teacher and family feedback;


    • hire strong leadership at each school and empower administrators, principals, teachers, and support staff to implement KIBSD policies and educational principles and strategies;


    • support teachers through meaningful professional development, fair and effective evaluation, and mentorship programs designed to improve retention and attract quality educators;


    • respond to changing federal and state educational mandates (e.g. Every Student Succeeds Act) in a measured manner that acknowledges the capacity of the KIBSD relative to the timing and scope of implementing change; and


    • support a transparent budget process while acknowledging and adapting to variability in state and local funding realities.



Superintendent Selection Timeline


    Application Deadline

     January 31, 2017

    BOE Review of Applications/Selection of Semi-Finalists

     February 6-10, 2017

    Semi-Finalists Skype Interviews

     February 13-17, 2017

    Finalists On-Site Interviews

     March 6-8, 2017

    Start Date for New Superintendent

     July 1, 2017




Invitation to Apply - Closed for Application Submissions

  • Compensation will include a competitive starting salary from $125,000 to $155,000 for a 260-day contract with an annual evaluation and opportunity for pay increase. The Board will consider experience and evidence of qualifications in determining the final salary and duration of the initial contract. A comprehensive benefit package is provided and a relocation reimbursement may be negotiated.


    Minimum qualifications include those required for a State of Alaska Type B (or provisional Type B) certificate, including: a master’s degree, an institutional recommendation, minimum 5 years of satisfactory employment as an administrator or teacher (three of which with a teaching certificate and one of which with an administrative certificate), and completion of a school administration program. Each applicant must provide a resume, official academic transcripts, completed reference forms, and a Superintendent Certification.


    Applications (available online at must be postmarked by January 31, 2017 and sent to:


    Association of Alaska School Boards
    1111 W. 9th St.
    Juneau, Alaska 99801