About Us

Kodiak High School offers students a wide variety of vocational and academic courses. This includes Advanced Placement courses, honors courses, and courses offered for both college and high school credit. Kodiak High School enjoys a partnership with Kodiak College, a branch of the University of Alaska-Anchorage. Facilities, faculty, and resources are shared to provide students with dual credit opportunities including American Literature, Accounting, Advanced Welding Technology, and other courses. In addition, Special Education and English Language Acquisition Programs are provided to qualified students.

The school year is divided into two 18-week semesters. A modified block schedule is followed with most students attending seven classes weekly. Most classes meet for 70 minutes two times a week. Each class also meets an additional 50 minutes on Monday and 40 minutes on Friday. Students are assigned by grade level to a teacher-advisor and meet for 30 minutes one day per week during Advisory. Every Friday students are released early from school to allow for staff development. Students earn 0.5 credit for each semester course to typically earn a maximum of seven credits for the school year.





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