• What is Title IX

    Title IX is a federal law that prohibits sex-based discrimination and sexual harassment against students and employees of educational institutions that receive federal funding, including public school districts. Title IX requires school districts to develop and implement policies and take other actions necessary to promptly, appropriately, and effectively address complaints of sex-based discrimination or sexual harassment in any district program or activity. 


    Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response

    Title IX requires school districts to take the following steps to promptly, appropriately, and effectively respond to complaints of sexual harassment:

    • Provide information to students and staff regarding the requirements of Title IX
    • Adopt complaint investigation procedures
    • Provide notice of those complaint procedures to students, staff and the public
    • Establish adequate, reliable and impartial complaint investigation protocols
    • Provide training to district personnel responsible for investigations
    • Ensure that adequate interim measures are in place to protect students during the investigation
    • Notify the complainant and respondent of the outcome of the complaint
    • Take appropriate actions to address the impacts of substantiated harassment and prevent recurrence


    Equitable Opportunities for Participation

    A school district can demonstrate compliance with Title IX in one of three ways:

    • Substantially proportionate athletic opportunities for male and female athletes;
    • A history and continuing practice of expanding opportunities for the under-represented sex;
    • Full and effective accommodation of the interests and abilities of the under-represented sex.

    Districts are not required to offer identical sports and activities for their male and female students. They are, however, required to provide equitable opportunity for both female and male students to participate in athletics and activities of interest. 

    Title IX requires equity in supporting female and male athletics and activities in the provision of: coaching staff, game and practice times, medical and training facilities, publicity, recruitment opportunities, travel per diem allowances, equipment, locker rooms, practice and competitive facilities, and tutoring opportunities.


    Sex-Based Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

    The Board shall not tolerate the sexual harassment of any student by any other student or any District employee. Any student or employee who is found guilty of sexual harassment shall be subject to disciplinary action.

    Students or staff should immediately report incidences of sexual harassment to the principal or designee. The Superintendent or designee shall promptly investigate each complaint of sexual harassment in a way that ensures the privacy of all parties concerned. In no case shall the student be required to resolve the complaint directly with the offending person.

    Board Policy 5145.7


    District Programs and Activities

    District programs and activities shall be free from discrimination with respect to sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ethnic group, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital or parental status, and physical or mental disability. The School Board shall ensure equal opportunities for all students in admission and access to academic courses, guidance and counseling programs, athletic programs, testing procedures, vocational education and other activities.

    Board Policy 5145.3



    Title IX complaints should be reported immediately to a trusted adult at the school who will report the concern to the school principal or other designated school administrator.

    Students may, but are not required to, submit their complaint by completing a Student Grievance Form.

    Title IX complaints must be filed within 20 days of the alleged act of sexual harassment or sex-based discrimination. 

    Todd Burton serves as the District's Title IX Coordinator. The investigator at the school will consult with the Title IX Coordinator where necessary in an effort to appropriately investigate and address the complaint.

    Concerns may also be reported to any of the following external agencies:



Title IX Coordinator

Human Resources Coordinator