Rising 7th, 8th, and 9th graders.

    Action Academy Summer Enhancement Program June 7-24, 2021.

    • Create prepare and taste test desserts and scrumptious appetizers prepared in class by you and your classmates.
    • Chart the open seas of Kodiak. Gear up and clean up an oil spill saving whale in Kodiak marine life.
    • Earn a CPR card. Learn basic rescue procedures. Practice first aid, take blood pressure, make a splint, and practice in-home family emergency care.
    • Design and spot weld a keepsake metal box or toolbox. Read blueprints and create a simple system for a real Kodiak business.
    • Fly a drone. Take a field trip to vertigo air. Check out basic aircraft upkeep, determine flight loads, and assist in the delivery of supplies to Kodiak vendors.
    • And much more.

    It's school. But not as usual.

    Sign up online today. Seating is limited.

    Questions? Contact Diane Maples at 907-486-7463 or email diane.maples@kibsd.org 


  • What is Kodiak Remote Learning?

    Kodiak Remote Learning (KRL) is a 2020-2021 educational option provided to families by KIBSD in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through a uniform commitment of family, a program coach, the student and KRL teacher(s), KRL provides a virtual learning environment where students can experience success in attaining academic knowledge, skills and age-appropriate social-emotional learning.  This program was not designed to substitute or replace the depth of education and offerings provided in the traditional brick and mortar setting. 

    What does Kodiak Remote Learning look like?

    KRL utilizes an interactive blended learning model delivered through live value-added online instruction (also known as synchronous learning) and the completion of digital curriculum. The term “value-added” refers to intentional instruction of content, above and beyond the digital curriculum, delivered in a way that cultivates engagement and stimulates students’ curiosity and passion for deeper learning. Tutoring sessions will be required for individual students if it is deemed necessary for their success in the virtual program and may be requested by the teacher, student and/or parent.

    What Classes are Offered for grades 6-8?

    2nd Semester Grade Level Course Offerings

    2nd Semester Middle School Schedule

    Middle School Elective Course Request Form, Semester 2  

    6-8 students will only have an option for adding an elective to their schedule if they are passing core classes at the end of 1st semester (January 22) in math, ELA, social studies, science.

    6th graders can take Introduction to Careers

    7th & 8th graders will have 4 electives to choose from, including: