Transition to Work Program

  • Definition of Work Experience

    Planned and structured learning experience occurring within a real workplace.  Our program is designed to provide students with disabilities with real work experiences and opportunities to network in actual business environments that align with their vocational goals.


    Expectations of Students

    Students will be paid for this experience.  Real work for real pay.  Although students will come to work with a job coach (support staff who will modify and help to create work tasks for them), we ask that they be held to the same standards as other employees, as applicable.  


    Expectation of Business Parnters  

    Provide a space.  Work with teachers and job coaches to design meaningful work tasks.  At times we may lean on job sites to assist us with teaching accountability. All wages and liability will be covered by the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.


    Projected Outcome

    Provide youth with the opportunity for career exploration, skill development and enhancement of soft skills.



    Corrie Davis, Special Education Teacher, Kodiak High School